Circumhorizontal Arc Atmospheric
Optical Phenomena

23 images disolayed, Last updated on May 14, 2006

This extra section has no astronomical pictures but various atmospheric optical phenomena caused by sun or moon light.
I'll add those images from very common to extraordinary rare sky events in here gradually.

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Circumhorizontal Arc on Apr 22, 2001, 52+34KB
Circumzenithal Arc on Sep 2, 2001, 23+41KB
The Rainbow, 35+21KB
The Short Rainbow, 36KB
The Solar Halo, 25KB
The Upper Tangent Arc, 53+43KB
The Circumscribed Halo, 50KB
The Parhelia, 30+34KB
The mockmoon, 34KB
Full Moon & Corona, 26+30KB
Mountain shadow of Fuji, 25KB
The Earth Shadow, 22KB
Cloud Iridescence, 59KB
The sea of clouds, 50+52KB

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