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Special pages of "The Great American Eclipse"
  Images & movies captured at Salem, Oregon on Aug 21, 2017

5 images added in Full-HD compatible Wallpapers on Oct 9, 2017

Review of the eclipse (Released on Aug 27)
Combined photo of all progress (Released on Aug 27, Revised on Sep 10)
Time-lapse movie of all progress (Released on Sep 16)
Change of Diamond Ring (Released on Aug 27)
Baily's beads, chromosphere & prominences (Released on Sep 13)
Streamline structure of the corona (Released on Aug 31, revised on Oct 9)
Real-time movie during totality (Released on Sep 2, Revised on Sep 17)
Brightness distribution of the white-light corona (Released on Oct 20)
Diurnal motion of the eclipsed sun (Released on Sep 9)
Snapshot during observation (Released on Sep 9)
Change of sky brightness (Released on Sep 3, Revised on Sep 28)
Movement of the shadow cone (Released on Sep 6)
Real-time movie of Shadow-band (Released on Sep 9)

Comet 2017O1 ASASSN on Nov 11 is added on Nov 19.

Photo Album Contents
Photo Album Contents

1st Scenes Deepsky in Spring ...228 pics displayed
2nd Scenes Deepsky in Summer ...137 pics displayed
3rd Scenes Deepsky in Autumn ...161 pics displayed
4th Scenes Deepsky in Winter ...148 pics displayed
5th Scenes Constellations ...70 pics displayed
6th Scenes Comets & Meteors  (On Satellite Server) ...554 pics displayed
7th Scenes Milky Way ...41 pics displayed
8th Scenes Stellar Scenes ...131 pics displayed
9th Scenes Moon & Planets  (On Satellite Server) ...116 pics displayed
10th Scenes Eclipse ...64 pics displayed
Full-HD compatible Wallpapers
  (On Satellite Server)
...70 pics displayed

H-alpha Sun   H-alpha Solar Images

  Image archives with H-alpha (656nm) solar telescope (updated on Dec 16)
  (On satellite server)

Observed images of Rare Sky Events 2013-2014
Total Lunar Eclipse
(Oct 8, 2014)
Supernova 2014J
(Jan-Mar 2014)
Comet ISON

(Sep-Nov 2013)
Comet Lovejoy

(Oct 2013-Feb 2014)

Observed images of Rare Sky Events 2011-2012
Venusian Occultation
(Aug 14, 2012)
Venus Transit
(Jun 6, 2012)
Annular Solar Eclipse
(May 21, 2012)
Total Lunar Eclipse
(Dec 10, 2011)

Milky Way Galaxy Patchwork
High-resolved Milky Way mosaic

A Special contents in "7th Scenes: Milky Way"
Violent Meteor Storm in Far East

Several thousands in hourly rate observed before dawn of Nov 19, 2001

Atmospheric Optical Phenomena
Rainbow, Halo, & Arcs in sky

Rare sky events created by Sun & Moon

  Welcome ! This personal Web site is presented for the purpose of displaying Celestial Photographs taken by me, Naoyuki Kurita.
I am an Amateur Astrophotographer in Japan. You can browse various astropics I'm taking during last 25 years.

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Use of the copy of these images in any form without my permission is prohibited,
excepting personal or educational use.

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