Saturnian Occultation on Mar 20, 2002


Date & Time: Mar 20 2002, 1/8sec. exposed each, Times in images are JST(+0900)
Optical: VIXEN 20cm(7.9") VISAC, collimation with LV12mm magnifier
Synthesized focal length f=5730mm (equivalent f=30712mm in 35mm film format)
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Digital Camera: OLYMPUS C-2020Z
Location: Kokubunji-city, Tokyo

Camera Settings: Mode.....SHQ (1600 x 1200, high-quality JPEG format, Monochrome mode)
Lens.....f=38.2mm (with 2X digital zoom, equivalent f=210mm in 35mm film format), Stop: F2.8
CCD sensitivity.....ISO400, White Balance.....Auto

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Moon & Saturn just after occultation
Mar 20 2002, 20:11 JST(+0900), 1/200sec. Exp.
VIXEN 20cm(7.9") VISAC, collimation with LV25mm magnifier
Focal length f=475mm (equivalent f=2546mm in 35mm film format)

Lens...f=6.6mm (equivalent f=35mm in 35mm film format), Stop: F2.0
White Balance...Auto

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In evening of Mar 20, 2002, the second Saturnian occultation in this year was observed in eastern Japan. The last one on Jan 25, the Saturn was grazed the northern edge of the Moon, but this case the planet was hidden behind near the southern edge of moon. The Saturn with the ring full-opened was occulted by the dark edge of the moon spending about 3 minutes, and 15 minutes later the planet appeared again slowly from the bright rim.
In the year of 2002 we have luckily two times of such a rare event in Japan, but the next Saturnian occultation will not occur untill June 2007.

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