Progress of Partial Lunar Eclipse (Jul 28 1999)

Date & Time: Jul 28 1999 (Times in image are JST, 1/125 sec. exposed each)
Optical: VIXEN 20cm(7.9") VISAC (f=1800mm, F9.0)
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Camera: VIXEN VX-1
Film: Fujicolor Super G Ace 400
Location: Kokubunji city, Tokyo

The partial lunar eclipse was observed in evening of Jul 28, 1999 at Japan. The full moon just rose in the east sky was on the wane from the lower edge. And the maximum magnitude of eclipse of 40% had in around 20:30, could be observed faint reddish color in the shadow with a binocular.

The Shadow of the Earth

Magnitude of eclipse 40%

Copyright(c) 1999 by Naoyuki Kurita, All rights reserved.
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