Time change of Baily's beads in Annular Solar Eclipse (2nd contact)

Date & Time: May 21 2012, from 07:34:21.6 to 07:34:30.6 JST(+0900)
Optical: BORG 60ED, afocal method with LV25mm eyepiece
Synthesized focal length f=196mm (equivalent f=1400mm in 35mm film format)
with two ND400 filters
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Digital Video Camera: Canon iVIS HF-M41
Location: Kujihama, Hitachi city, Ibaraki pref.

Camera Settings: Mode...FXP(17Mbps), Aperture Value Manual
Lens...f=14mm (equivalent f=100mm in 35mm film format), Stop: F2.4
JPEG images captured with 1/30sec. interval

Movie of Baily's beads(6.5MB, WMV format)

Play time: 26.8sec., 5fps, 2X slow-motion (Real time: 13.4sec., equivalent 10fps)
Start flame time 07:34:18.8, End flame time 07:34:32.2

This page shows you a time sequence of Baily's beads observed at the second contact of Annular solar eclipse on May 21, 2012 for 9 seconds with interval of 0.5 second. Displayed times include error of about plus/minus 0.1 sec. You can confirm that solar light is becoming connected gradually reflecting lunar topography in edge. Unfortunately I could not get useful images of 3rd contact because of influence of clouds.
An image below has emphasized the lunar topography by paralleling plural images of Baily's beads. It's considered that mountains and valleys indicated with red and cyan arrows correspond to those in a predicted drawing of lunar edge.

Strict Location:
N 36° 30' 18" , E 140° 37' 45" , H=4m
(Error: plus/minus 1")

  Comparison of Baily's beads & Lunar edge prediction

(Polar-angle: 220° to 255°j

Highlights of the Annular solar eclipse

Change of brightness during Annular Solar Eclipse

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