Progress of Annular Solar Eclipse with H-alpha (May 21, 2012)

Captured time & eclipsed magnitude are displayed by positioning a cursor on each flame, large-sized images loaded by clicking.

Date & Time: May 21, 2012
Optical: Coronado SolarMax40, afocal method with LV20mm eyepiece
Synthesized focal length f=390mm (equivalent f=1920mm in 35mm film format)
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Digital Camera: Olympus C-3030Z
Location: Kujihama, Hitachi city, Ibaraki pref.

Camera Settings: Recording format...SHQ (2048 x 1536 JPEG, B/W mode)
Lens...f=19.5mm (equivalent f=96mm in 35mm film format), stop: F2.8
CCD Sensitivity...ISO100, White Balance...Auto

This multi-flame picture shows you the progress of Annular solar eclipse on May 21, 2012 captured with an H-alpha solar telescope. You can chase that various structures on solar photosphere of active regions and dark filaments are hidden behind the moon one after another, and appeared again. Unfortunately I could detect no large-scaled prominences in solar rim in that day, but a small filament-like prominence connected to a dark filament can be seen in northeast rim.
These images are pseudo-color processed for original ones captured with monochrome mode.

Progress of Annular Solar Eclipse

Comparison of H-alpha & WhiteLight at second contact

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