Cloud Iridescence

Date & Time: Oct 14 2001, 12:49 JST(+0900), 1/1800sec. Exp.
Optical: f=47mm F8.0 (Equivalent f=310mm in 35mm film format)
Digital Camera: CASIO QV-2800UX
Location: Sutama towm, Yamanashi pref.

Canera Settings: Mode...1600 x 1200 FINE
CCD Sensitivity...ISO80, White Balance...Auto

Sometimes we can see several colors of red, blue or green in edge of cirrus or altocumulus in higher sky. These colors appeared when water drops in clouds diffract sunlight, called "Cloud Iridescence". The mechanism of cloud iridescence is quite same with the case of corona light around the sun or moon.

The Earth Shadow

The sea of clouds

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