This page is just a brief English translation of a page designed for Japanese people who are not familiar with SCD and Scotland. 


What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is social dancing which has been danced for several hundred years in Scotland. Through the efforts of Scottish people who travelled allover the world it has become widespread in British Commonwealth and other countries.  Now it is a popular leisure pastime in those countries.  
Most SCD are danced with music of Scottish traditional rhythms.  The typical form is a longwise set formed by 4 couples of dancers.  

What is Scottish Traditional music?

There are three types of rhythm.  Reel and Jig in quick time and Strathspey in slow time.  There are many melodies.  Some are Scottish traditional melodies, but some are newly devised ones. 

What is RSCDS?

RSCDS is the abbreviation of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.  RSCDS was formed in 1923  to preserve and to promote Scottish Country Dancing.  RSCDS does various activities such as publishing descriptions of SCD and its music, collecting memorable dances and information, raising certificated teachers, holding summer school etc. Headquarters are in Edinburgh, Scotland and the branches are located all over the world.

What is the dress code for Scottish Country Dancing?

Men wear the traditional Scottish kilt. Women wear loose-fitting skirts or dresses.  On formal occasions men wear formal Scottish jackets and women usually wear long skirts or long dresses.