Bluebell  Society  Open  Class
more than 2 years experienced - basic formation knowledge required
Okada Tel 03-3814-0771,Fax 03-3814-0774

 Time   (Every 2nd Saturaday 18:00-20:45)
@11th.Nov ,9th.Dec.
 Place   Nakano Sunplaza 8F  Group- Room 1
@Nakano-ku, Tokyo
 Fee   800yen
 Teacher   Ms Masako Okada & RSCDS Teachers
2018 Bluebell New Year Party
 Time 13th(Sat) Jan. 2018  11:00`16:30

 Place  Harumi Passenger Terminal Building Hall
@                    (Harumi Wharf)
 Musician  Akiko Kasama SCD Band

About clothing
  As it is New Year's Day, if you have a white dress, we recommend women to wear.
 2,500yen (with Sandwich and Coffee)
Application   Masako Okada Tel/Fax 03-3392-5310

Group Events Information





    Japan Folklore Dance Association 29th SCD Workshop
      Date:11th(Sat) Nov.`12th(Sun) Nov.
        Place: Suko-re wakamiya
        Teacher: Mr Yoshiki Oyama
        Application: Hideko Harada Tel/Fax 092-411-1655

HirakataSCD.C Komorebi 35thSCD.C with 20th Anniversary Ball
       Date: 23th Nov.AM class PM party
        Place: Panasonic Resort Osaka Osaka-fu Suita-shi
        Teacher: Mr Atuko Clement, Mr Keith Smith, Ms Ruri Aoyama
         Fee: 8,500yen with lunch and tea time
        Application: Komorebi secretariat Tel 072-868-3689 Yamamoto

Tokyo Scotland dance o tanoshimu-kai
                   2017 Year-End Ball
       Date: 10th(Sun) Dec. PM 1:00`5:00
        Place:  Nihon shuppan  kurabu  kaikan  (JR Line)  iidabashi-eki
                    (Subway) iidabashi
         Fee: 5,000yen with snack
        Application: Kinu Omachi  Tel: 0422-46-9266
         Deadline: 25th Nov.

WaiWaiFamily Christmas Party

       Date: 20th(Wed) Dec. 11:00`15:30
        Place: Mielparque Yokohama 
         Fee: 5,000yen
        Application: Yoshie Kajino Tel/Fax 0466-47-8594


 Shinjuku Country Dance Club 33rd Party

          Date: 18th(Sun) Feb. 2018  17:00`
@@Applicaion: Sachiko Masumoto Tel. 03-3357-4776
 Hatchoubori SCD kyoushitsu 20th
                         Anniversary Ball
       Date: 4th(Sun) Mar.2018   13:00`19:15
        Place: Gakushi kaikan  (Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
       Musician: Akiko Kasama SCD Band
       Application: Secretariat Fuyumi Hashidzume
                                                       Tel/Fax 050-3389-6591

  Tokyo Scottish Bluebell Club
@@@@@@@@35th Anniversary Event

@@   –30th(Sat) June 2018  The Bluebell on Stage-Two
@@@–1st(Sun) July 2018  The Bluebell Ball




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