The recipes for handmaking a motorcycle(2nd Edition)



  1. Engine
    1. Disassembling the engine
    2. Making gaskets
    3. Cleaning the parts & assembling the engine

  2. Frame stress measurement of C200
    1. Preparation for measurement
    2. Mesurement and the data

  3. Design
    1. Frame form measurement of C200 and CD50
    2. A rough sketch and the determination of a design

  4. Examination by frame models
    1. Making a frame model
    2. Examination for rigidness and final determination of the frame form

  5. Making the frame jig
    1. Making a simple face table
    2. Engine form copy
    3. Making the stem part and fixing jigs
    4. Making the jig for rear axle

  6. Frame
    1. Drawing
    2. Making the backbone pipe
    3. Making the upper side pipes
    4. Making the lower side pipes
    5. Making the engine hanger and the swing arm support
    6. Making the seat rail and the suspension attachment part

  7. Muffler
    1. drawing
    2. Making the vinyl chloride pipe model
    3. Making the exhaust pipe
    4. Making the front part of the muffler main body
    5. Making the partition plate and assembling
    6. Making the front part of the muffler and assembling
    7. Making the attachment bracket and the heat protection guard

  8. Fenders
    1. Making the plaster model
    2. Making the FRP fenders
    3. Attachment

  9. Taillight
    1. Making the tools for spinning
    2. Making the chuck
    3. Making the taillight base by spinning

  10. Gas tank
    1. styrene model
    2. Making the female plaster model
    3. Making the FRP dolly
    4. Making the side plate
    5. Making the center plate
    6. Junction the side and the center plates
    7. Making the tank cap part
    8. Making the lower part
    9. Making the drain and the cock attachment part
    10. Pinhole inspection
    11. Making the support part and completion of the tank

  11. Electric parts and electric wiring

  12. Strength measurement of the frame

  13. Paint,assembly and completion
    1. Putty attachment and polish
    2. Masking
    3. Making the sticker
    4. Preparations and paint
    5. Assembly and completion

    I greatly appreciate Mrs.Kato with her help for translation of the Recipe2.

    ** The responsibility of your handmade parts is of your own. **

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