【tang {tafng} (冬)】

彼女曰く「 ni5{nii}(年)は国語から来ている言葉だから、台湾語を勉強しているんだったら tang{tafng}(冬)を使った方がいい」と。
つまり3年だったら saN tang{svatafng} ということになります。

While talking with a young lady who became acquainted in Tainan, she asked me whether I knew how to say a "year" in Taiwanese language(Holo).
She said, "if you are studying Taiwanese language, it is better to say 'tang{tafng}', not 'ni5{nii}.' Because 'ni5{nii}' is a word comes from Chinese language."
That is, it will say "saN tang{svatafng}" if you want to say "three years."
And "tang{tafng}" also means "harvest." Yes,it is a simple word but, at the same time, I feel something rich.