Papers (Yasuo Nozue)

Semiconductor Clusters in Zeolites (Yasuo Nozue, 野末泰夫)
(Please refer to another page for Alkali Metal Clusters in Zeolites)

Original Papers

  1. Electron Microscopy Study of PbI2 Clusters in Zeolite LTA, Y. Sakamoto, N. Togashi, T. Ohsuna, Y. Nozue and O. Terasaki, Proc. 12th Int. Zeolite Conf. (IZC12), July 5-10, 1998, Baltimore, U.S.A., ed. M.M.J. Treacy, B.K. Marcus, M.E. Bisher and J.B. Higgins, Vol. 3, pp. 2225-2232, Materials Research Society, 1999.
  2. Microoptical Spectroscopy of BiI3 Molecules Adsorbed in Nano-Channels of Zeolite Single Crystals, Y. Ikemoto, Y. Nozue, S. Qiu, O. Terasaki, T. Kodaira, Y. Kiyozumi and T. Yamamoto, Materials Science Engineering A 217/218 (1996) 151-154.[DOI]
  3. Raman Scattering in PbI2 Clusters Incorporated into Zeolite Cages, Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto, Mat. Sci. Eng. B35 (1995) 410-416.[DOI]
  4. Quantum Size Effect on the Excited State of HgI2, PbI2 and BiI3 Clusters and Molecules in Zeolite LTA, Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 61 (1992) 2943-2950.[DOI]
  5. Frenkel Excitons in Ordered PbI2 Clusters Incorporated into Zeolite, Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue, O. Terasaki and T. Goto: Mol. Crys. Liq. Cryst. 218 (1992) 61-66. [DOI]
  6. Quantum Size Effect on the Excitation Energy and the Oscillator Strength of PbI2 Clusters in Zeolite, Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 60 (1991) 2090-2094.[PDF]
  7. PbI2 Confined in the Space of LTA Zeolites, O. Terasaki, Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto: Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 233 (1991) 139-143.
  8. Excitons in PbI2 Clusters Incorporated into Zeolite Cages, Y. Nozue, Z.K. Tang and T. Goto: Solid State Commun. 73 (1990) 531-534.[DOI]
  9. Absorption Spectra of Selenium Clusters and Chains Incorporated into Zeolites, Y. Nozue, T. Kodaira, O. Terasaki, K. Yamazaki, T. Goto, D. Watanabe and J.M. Thomas: J. Phys. Condens. Matter 2 (1990) 5209-5217.[DOI]

Review Papers

  1. 配列ナノクラスターによる新素材創製,野末泰夫,小平哲也: 応用物理 64 (1995) 761-764.
  2. Arrayed Nanoclusters in Zeolite Crystals, Y. Nozue, Optical Properties of Low-Dimensional Materials, ed. T. Ogawa and K. Kanemitsu, 387-414, World Scientific, 1995
  3. ゼオライト中のPbI2クラスターによる励起子,野末泰夫: 固体物理 26 (1991) 367-372.