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The production of suspension-1

It is cut off as the figure.
Make adjustment fully because it is a little lengthened.
Refer to a reference 1 - 3.




--Assembling of the tire-1

It is cut off as the figure.

--Assembling of the tire-2

Bend it as the figure, and stick.


It is easy when a tape is wound around the pen and so on and BR puts size together and sticks.

--Assembling of the tire-3

--Assembling of the tire-4

The condition that it sticks.

Production of the rear wing-1

Production of the rear wing-2

Production of the rear wing-3
The condition that it is installed.

--The installation of the parts.

Minute parts are installed as the figure.

It is completion in this!

Paint the one that it is anxious about
the corner with the colors and so on.


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