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--A thing to prepare for--

Glue (for the paper handicraft)
Cutter knife(design knife)
Cutting mat (If it can be done.)

--Suspension/under panel--

Black paper is put about Tirrell026, Benetton197 in the back.

(Prepare for it separately.
Even the thing outputted with the printer and so on is good.)

--The preparation of monocoque-1

It is cut off as the figure.

It is cut with the knife to bend a glue fee often.

--The preparation of monocoque-2

Putting up is done after it is glued little by little from the rear without applying glue at a time.

--The preparation of monocoque-3

It becomes a figure when putting up is finished.
Because it is painted later, the line of the corner part isn't minded very much.

--The preparation of the seat-1

It is cut off as the figure.

--The preparation of the seat-2

--The preparation of the seat-3

The condition that a seat is glued.

--Lower assembling-1

--Lower assembling-2

Correct distortion as much as possible.

--Lower assembling-2

The condition that it sticks.


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