I want to experiment in various things here.


May 12, 2002

88B The body for slot cars

Do you know a slot car? It is the hobby of passing electricity on the course which trenched (slot), operating an accelerator and running it by the controller.

Although there is also small series for home use, this model has carried the driver for models on 1/24 scale. If it is this size, it goes to the circuit of exclusive use and is made to run. It is force perfect when it is made to run through a large course!
Although it returned to the talk of 88B body, the metallic print of this was specially carried out by color printing by MD-5000 made from ALPS.

In addition, shop sale in present Japan was stopped for this printer.


April 06, 2002

The papercraft body for radio control cars

Is the radio control the "indoor racer" of 1:43 scales known?
Countach which I made was put on it. It is a favorite although car quantity is high just for a moment.

The wing was also attached in the example of a photograph. An acceleration performance rises [ having become lightweight ] by the reason! It often runs.
The converting point stuck the engine room on the flat as it was, and made the hole behind the air scoop. A point is a printing scale and reduction fitted exactly 77% with canon F900. Paste considered durability to be it and the rubber system bond was used. If a double-sided tape is attached by two points, a roof and a front, I will regard attachment of a body as good. Since he wanted to make it as low as possible, an example is point adhesion with a clear bond! Although it thinks that 1 which tries this is not, it can do comfortably unexpectedly.

March 31, 2002

- Rotary engine cut model
Metallic seal specification

The metallic paper for ink jet printers is sold to Japan. Cut model of a rotary engine was made using the paper.

With regrettable, there is no public presentation of the paper pattern of metallic specification in a schedule.