Junk loop

The work of me who stops it is introduced.
There are completed work, work which doesn't complete in these.

P34 and BT46 of 77 year specification
May 03, 2002

It is making, changing little by little, since one does not have a completion work to me. Size is united with the case mistaken and bought and is 1/35 scale.

The lower white model has stopped on the way. However, if this body is made, since a wide tread version can also be made, the full lineup of P34 is completed. Any are due to complete this work.

Data un-opening to the public.

Rotary engine (cut model)
May 03, 2002

A turn of a back handle 3 times rotates a rotor one time.
For the moment, there is no open schedule. The surface is smooth and it is because a paper 200g or more must be used.

Data un-opening to the public.

Lotus 88B

Since comparatively detailed data was carried by the description magazine of a formula 1, it was written to reference by CAD.

Design is stopping at present


This machine is '1991 Le-Mans 24 hours winner.
This is very difficult.
Later on, I think that it completes it.

Design is stopping at present.


This scooter is thought only a Japanese to know.

Design is stopping at present.

This work was introduced to the public on
November 18, 2001.


A line was quoted impulsively here because it got a catalog from the acquaintance.
It isn't thinking about modeling at the time of the present.

Design is stopping at present.