Work desk

A main occupation is busy and the state where a design and announcement of a new work do not often become continues.
From the contents here, it introduces what I am making now.

-The model completion
March 16, 2003

The print by the ink-jet printer noticed the thing for which the raven atmosphere is very difficult.
Specifically, the processing of glossy paper has been influenced by the characteristic of the form.

I write a making manual later for a while.
However, it is most troubled work.
-Body section
March 10, 2003

The front and the side plate were attached and atmosphere came out. For the time being, it considered as the model which participated in the round in '77.
A model is the car which G.Nilsson used in the race. He imagined Belgium GP which carried out only championship. Rain tire selection was carried out by the reason.
- Side pontoon section
March 02, 2003

By assembling so far, I think that the form appropriate for Lotus78 has appeared.

After worrying, the reverse-side side of an inhalation-of-air mouth was changed into the form applied with paints.
Wheel section
February 23, 2003

Since lutos78 and the Avon tire which Mr. Junro Nishida owns also fortunately were observable, the pattern of a rain tire was made from there.

A prototype was built in thick hard mat paper. As for this, form has been distorted by failure.
Monocoque section
February 16, 2003

Although the problem is the stripe of the color near beige in CRT, it will change printing to the color near primary color yellow.
Since it will return to beige if it changes into PDF data, delicate correction of the hereabouts neighborhood is performed in the last stage.
Engine section
February 10, 2003

It resumed after a long time. It is the engine circumference portion of LOTUS78. Since the gear box was made to penetrate a drive shaft, there is intensity preeminently. Although a few chassis are also reflected, since the front part is incomplete, a complete view is next time. .
White model trial production completion.
October 26, 2002

Data is correction ending although wheel size looks large with a photograph.
Now, with .., it does not progress to coloring work from here, and arrangement work of data is waiting. In CorelDRAW10 which can develop CAD (*. dwg) data now direct, since the part to which accuracy became high by leaps and bounds, and a rude place are conspicuous, previous work business becomes severe.
I think that it becomes introduction in CRT screen by saying next time.
A trial production of a tire set.
October 19, 2002

Although the tire was an establishment meter, the side portion was made into the general technique by the paper model. Although there was a fault to which an angle is seldom attached when it was this method, since the thing with a beautiful result and the work person made comfortably, it considered as this method. It is a trial production schedule about an order wing mirror induction pot next time. That is, it means that a trial production of a white model is completed.
-Front section
October 14, 2002

A mirror is a manufacture schedule in an induction pod.

Although it thinks that a tire will next be made, I think that it becomes an establishment meter without using the existing tire.
-A trial production of a cockpit section
October 05, 2002

It is a trial production of the cockpit interior with which mind did not get somehow. Pains were taken to stuff a sheet. When building a prototype previously, was easy more.

This next is due to make a front section as an experiment.
- Sidepontoon part
September 29, 2002

Although cockpit interior was due to be made as an experiment, since mind did not get, Sidepontoon part was made as an experiment.

Since appearance changes dramatically, it is very pleasant work. The undersurface is carrying out wing form. Although he wants to come to stick even a side panel at a stretch when it comes so far, you have to bear to attachment of a tire.