Tyrrell P34 Ford (1976) 1/30scale

This machine is too famous.For 76 years, only victory was decorated with 6 wheel in Sweden GP.It thinks that it is a historical machine in such meaning.

Dounload Recommendation
sheet-1 91KB Usual paper or gloss paper(*1)
sheet-2 380KB gloss paper
sheet-3 319KB Mat paper
sheet-4 710KB Mat paper
*1 gloss paper is recommended when the machine of Car NO.3 is made.
Referring to "Handicraft manual" when you make it.

Brabham BT46 ('1978) 1/43scale

At that time, the machine of Gordon.Marray of the designer of brabham.
The surface radiator which aimed at the air resistance decrease is characteristic.
It was changed to the race by a regular radiator.

Williams FW07D test cari'1982j

Williams is a try machine.
There was a method in only using a DFV (NA) engine.
It is rear 4 wheel drive with the small tire.
grand effect and, the improvement of air dynamics are aim as an advantage.

It isn't clear whether it could turn at the station hairpin of the monaco circuit.

Only a photograph