These are the work groups which made the most of various papers, or a material and a printer,
and were made only once.
Under those circumstances, public presentation of a paper pattern is equal impossible, and turns into public presentation of only a picture.

Look KG181:Prototype
Please click the image.

There is no model of the bicycle when searching with the net.

For such reasons...
It decided to challenge the paper modeling. The theme was decided to the loadracer who had owned it in the past. The purpose of the reason is to acquire the technology that can apply it the difficulty is high.
Will you think that the form of the Roadracer is suitable for the beautiful

Study is completed from the plan in one year.

The scale is 1/6, and the total length exceeds 270mm.

The paper pattern has not been opened to the public yet.
I think that no one can make it if it doesn't simplify it.

02 January, 2003


Although tone quality is natural, I think that the design of this system is wonderful to the highest. The scale of this model has about 17cm of height by one eighth. Incidentally, the head phon of the photograph bottom is a genuine article, and is one favorite article of mine in a model called B&O A8. .

It carried out to the design and the assembly in one day. It is decorated as a mascot of a desk for a while.

The paper mainly used with a thickness of 0.2 or so mat paper and metal label paper, and the clear plastic board.

The use part of an ink-jet printer printed the plinth, the main part, and the speaker part on mat paper. CD was printed on metal label paper.

A micro dry printer is metallic silver about CD mount part, and the stand of a main part and the speaker cabinet are expressed by special-feature printing of flash silver.
Cost started considerably.