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Yoshida Akimi was born in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo August 12 1956.

While she was in Junior College of Art and Design in Musashino Art University, she sent a manga to Shoujo Comic Manga School. Her manga was accepted and awarded a third class prize(Doryoku- shou).

She made her professional debut in Bessatsu Shoujo Comic with" Chotto Fushigina Geshukunin" in 1977. She is probably the most successful shoujo mangaka of all that made a professional debut in the late seventies.

She was influenced by American films in the seventies called "American New Cinema" in Japan that were aimed at the youth audience, such as "Midnight Cowboy", "Scare Crow", and "Easy Rider". When her titles are set in outside Japan, they are always set in the us. Both "California Story", which is the best-known title in her early works, and "BANANA FISH" are set in New York. This is one of the differences between Yoshida and so-called "24 -nen-gumi", 49ers, who are almost ten years her senior and preferred their titles to be set in Europe.

Yoshida Akimi's latest work is YASHA, which has been running in Bessatsu Shojo Comic since 1966 July. It is a story about clone brothers.

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