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INOUE Patent Office

INOUE Patent Office is a prestigious intellectual property law firm operating in Tokyo, Japan, providing professional services for obtaining, enforcing and maintaining patent, design patent and trademark rights in Japan since 2003.
We are dealing with cases mainly in the field of electric, mechanical, semiconductor, optical and software technologies for both of domestic and foreign clients.

Our Motto
We always do our best to maximize our client's interest by offering high quality services in obtaining and maintaining patent protection in Japan, including filing Japanese patent applications, handling of Office Actions and management of administrative tasks, at reasonable cost.

Filing Japanese patent applications
In filing a Japanese patent application, accurate translation for Specification and Claims is one of the key issues for obtaining an effective patent right. However, troubles often occur because of poor translations made by professional translators not having technical background.
In INOUE Patent Office, all of the patent applications are checked by our stuff qualified as Japanese patent attorney and having both technical background and full knowledge on Japanese patent practice, in order to guarantee correct and proper translations.

Foreign Document Application system
In Foreign Document Application system, it is possible to file a Japanese patent application with English Specification, Claims Drawings and Abstact, provided Japanese translation is submitted within two months from the filing date. INOUE Patent Office highly recommends utilization of this system, because amendments of Japanese text of Specification and Claims can be made based on the original English text.

Handling of Office Actions
In some cases, it is difficult to correctly understand what is the matter in Office Actions especially for non-Japanese clients because of the differences of languages, patent practices or legal systems . INOUE Patent Office provides comprehensive translations for Office Actions and on client's demand, provides analyses and/or recommendations for properly dealing with Office Actions.

Management of administrative tasks
Administrative tasks are managed by professional administrative staff using a fully computerized system.

Area of Practice
INOUE Patent Office provides a full range of services in the field of Patents, Utility Models, Designs and Trademarks and highly specialized in Patents and Utility Models in the field of electric, mechanical, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, business method.

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INOUE Patent Office
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