Different schools of Bonseki

Like any other art forms, Bonseki has several schools.
'Kiyohara school' is one of the oldest and most distinguished.
According the sources,'Kiyohara school' was
established in Emperor-Tenmu's era.
(That is AC 673-686)

Characteristics of Kiyohara

*Within Kiyohara school,set of booklets which
contains exemples of the landscapes to be
created are preserved and passed on.
There are about 200 examples to be
practised and this huge number of examples
preserved makes Kiyohara school very special.

Even after completing the whole set of practise,
one follows the example landscape to achieve
the 'the landscape:as it was then'

*Example landscapes are very much detailed.

Not only mountains, rivers and moon, but also
people, birds, castles, and houses are to be
drawn as a part of landscape.
This requires meticulous performance in using
the tools and placing the air-light sands.

*No coloured sand/stones are used in Kiyohara style.
Only naturally white sand/stone areselected to use,
in order to appreciate the sharp contrast
between white( of stones) and black( of the tray)

These characteristics make 'Kiyohara school' style seem
very simple ( and perhaps givethe impression of it being
somewhat easierthan the other schools).

However, on the other hand,'simpleness'
means that no cheatingin the process,
thus more 'careful touch'isdemanded.
Individual originalities are reflected in each work,
even they follow the same example.