Protura from the Tajimagahara wild primrose field

The Tajimagahara wild primrose field stands in Urawa, Saitama、central Japan.. The wild primrose (Primuran sieboldii), now became rare flowers, grow un there, so that there are protected by the central goverment.

One hundred and fourty-seven proturan specimens were collected from there. The collection comprised the following species:.

Family Acerentomidae
  Baculentulus tosanus
  Nipponenotmon uenoi paucisetosum
  Kenyentulus sp.
Family Protentomidae
  Neocondeellum (?) sp.
Family Eosentomidae
  Eoseontomon udagawai
  Eosentomon cf. udagawai
  Pseudanisentomon ishiii

. The present proturan fauna was strictly composed of the typical species which are representative of the warm-temperate region in Japan.

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