Protura from Taiwan

In summer of 1988, the soil zoological survey was carried out in Taiwan. Of about 40 samples taken from varied places, 30 contained 712 proturans fo 10 different species: Baculentulus morikawai, Baculentulus tosanus, Kenyentulus yinae, Kenyentulus imadatei, Kenyentulus sp., Silvestridia hutan, Eosentomon sakura, Eosetnomon tamurai, Eosentomon riyuetanense, Eosentomon taiwanesne, of which B. morikawai and E. sakura were dominated. All the ten species are regarded as the member of the Asian elements dominated in toropical and/or temperate areas.

collecting sites in Taiwan No. Locality Province Altitude
in m
Vegetation Proturan speices conteined
1 Pinglin Taibeixian 390 Ec Bmr, Esa
2 Taipinshan Yilanxian 1,340 Ev Bts, Esa, Eti
3 Taipinshan Forest Park ditto 1,920 Ec Bmr, Esa, Eti
4 Siji ditto 850 Db Bmr, Esa
5 Tuling ditto 1,540 Ev Esa
6 Wuling Taizhongxian 1,880 Ec Bts, Esa
7 Deji ditto 1,590 Db Bmr, Kyn, Sht, Eti
8 Guquan ditto 1,060 Ev Bmr, Kyn, Sht, Esa, Eti
9 Niuping ditto 820 Bt Bmr, Kyn, Esa
10 Lishan Nantouxian 2,050 Ec+Db Esa
11 Cuifeng ditto 2,130 Ev Bmr, Bts, Esa, Eti
12 Ditto ditto 2,110 Ev Bmr, Esa, Eti
13 Ditto ditto 2,120 Ev Bmr, Esa, Eti
14 Ditto ditto 1,990 Ev Esa
15 Lushan ditto 1,300 Db Bmr, Sht
16 Ditto ditto 1,300 Bt Esa
17 Ditto ditto 1,200 Bt Etm
18 Huisunlinchang ditto 600 Ev Bmr, Bts, Esa
19 Ditto ditto 570 Ev Esa, Etm
20 Ditto ditto 510 Ev Bmr, Bts, Sht, Esa
21 Ditto ditto 630 Ev Etm
22 Ditto ditto 820 Ec Bmr, Bts, Esa
23 Nanshanxi ditto 700-800 Ev Bmr, Sht, Esa
24 Ditto ditto 700-800 Ev Bmr, Bts, Sht, Esa, Etm
25 Ditto ditto 700-800 Ev Bmr, Sht
26 Gongquan ditto 510 Ev+Db Etm
27 Riyuetan ditto 910 Ev Bmr, Bts, Kim, Sht, Esa, Etm, Ery
28 Ditto ditto 840 Ev Ksp, Sht, Ery, Eti
29 Ditto ditto 790 Bt Bmr, Bts, Sht, Esa
30 Ditto ditto 770 Bt Bmr, Bts
Abbreviation of vegetation:
Bt: Bamboo thicket.
Db: Deciduous broadleaved forest.
Ec: Evergreen coniferous forest.
Ev: Evergreen broadleaved forest.
Abbreviation of proturan species obtained:
Bmr. Baculentulus morikawai; Bts. Baculentulus tosanus; Kyn. Kenyentulus yinae; Kim. Kenyentulus imadatei; Ksp. Kenyentulus sp.; Sht. Silvestridia hutan; Esa. Eosentomon sakura; Etm. Eosetnomon tamurai; Ery. Eosentomon riyuetanense; Eti. Eosentomon taiwanesne.

Further information in
Nakamura, O., 1997. Protura from Taiwan. Edaphologia, (59): 17-53.

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