A new Filientomon, F. gentaroanum, from central Japan

A new Filientomon species is described from cental Japan. The present species is similar to F. lubricum (Imadate, 1956) (cf. Imadate, 1974) from western part of Japan, both species being distinguishable from the other congeneric species by possessing six pairs of anterior setae(A1, 1', 2, 3, 4 and 5) on abdominal tergites II-VI. However, this new species is distinctly different from F. lubricum in the shape and length of dorsal accessory setae on abdomen II-VI (short and sensilla-like in lubricum), the shape and relative length of foretarsal sensilla a (thin and not surpassing base of d in lubricum), and the position and relative length of foretarsal sensilla d (distal to t2 and not reaching base of e in lubricum).

This species is named after the late Prof. Gentaro Imadate, who was one of the greatest authorities on Protura.

For details, please see the follwing papaer.
A new species of the genus Filientomon from central Japan (Protura: Acerentomidae). Edaphologia, (68): 33-37, 2001.

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