Protura from the Garden of the Imperial Palace

Collecting sites
summer green forest everreen forest
bamboo evergreen forest

Speices obtained

  1. Acerentomidae
    1. Acerentulus sp.
    2. Baculentulus densus
    3. Baculentulus morikawai
    4. Baculentulus tosanus
    5. Kenyentulus japonicus
    6. Kenyentulus sp.@
    7. Silvestridia hutan@
    8. Filientomon takanawanum
    9. Yamatentomon yamato
    10. Nipponentomon nippon
    11. Nipponentomon uenoi paucisetosum
  1. Protentomidae
    1. Neocondeellum japonicum
  1. Eosentomidae
    1. Eosentomon sakura
    2. Eosentomon sp. cf. novemchaetum
    3. Eosenotmon sp.
    4. Pseudanisentomon sp.

@ In the course of the soil faunal survey in the garden of the Imperial Palace from 1996 to 2000, 1157 proturan specimens were collected. The collection comprised 16 species belonging to 10 genera in 3 families. These species were representatives of the warm-temperate and/or temperate regions in Japan. The garden of the Imperial Palace was inhabited by a plenty of proturan species as compared with other urban areas in Tokyo.
@ Acerentomids were very abundant, whereas eosentomids were very few, consisting of only 6 specimens. This difference is thought to be due to the fact that acerentomids are more tolerant to the dry ground than eosentomids are.
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