NGC2355 and the meteor (Dec. 11 1999)

When taking hundreds of sheets of deep-sky objects to the year the photograph, the meteor sometimes falls to the direct focus photography by the telescope sometimes.
The meteor of this photograph fell together when taking NGC2355 which is a open cluster in the Gemini the photograph. The length of the meteor which the photograph was taken is about 1 degree. It may be to have been a light meteor because the photograph could be taken by the optical system, 628 mm, F3.

(Frame Size = 120' * 120')

NGC2355 and the meteor
25:40 (exposure in 8 min.)

Location: Hikoma, Tanuma town, Tochigi pref., Japan
Telescope: Epsilon210c (21cm-reflector, f=628mm, F:3.0), Auto-guide, Fuji-film SGA800

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