Meteors of Leonids 1998 (Nov.17 1998)

Direction: Gemini
Start Time: 24hr.48min.JST
(exposure during 5min.30sec. )

Appearance Time of Meteor: 24hr.50min.45sec.JST
Direction: Orion
Time: 26hr.00min.JST (5min.30sec.)
Appearance: 26hr.04min.40sec.JST

Direction: Taurus
Time: 25hr.48min.JST (5min.30sec.)

Direction: Leo
Time: 25hr.01min.JST (4min.30sec.)

Direction: Leo
Time: 28hr.13min.JST (4min.30sec.)
Appearance: 28hr.14min.30sec.JST

Direction: Sextans
Time: 25hr.12min.JST (5min.30sec.)
Direction: Sextans
Time: 26hr.48min.JST (5min.30sec.)

Common Data:
Location: Kasuo Pass, Awano town, Tochigi pref., Japan
Lens: 50mmF1.4 Aperture F2, Auto-guide, Fuji-film SGA800

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