Meteors of Leonids 2001 (Nov. 18 2001)

The meteors of Leonids this time became a big appearance as it with forecast, " meteor shower is seen in Japan? ", presented. Formerly, we were and it expected that the comet of Tempel-Tattle which is the mother comet of meteor of Leonids had the big appearance of the meteor in 1998 and in 1999 because it regressed in 1998 at the period in 33 years. However, it expected that the origin of the meteor which the comet scatters was different from the orbit in the comet subtly and that the big appearance happened this year, too. Actually, the forecast made a hit excellently and it was possible to see as meteor shower. I observed with the friend in Kasuo Pass in the Tochigi Prefecture.It used four cameras and in four films, while taking 99 comas in amount the photograph, 382 meteors could the photograph be taken. Some photographs are shown from its inside.

direction: Gemini
27:20 (exposure in 9 min. 30 sec.)

direction: Leo
26:11:30 (exposure in 8 min.)

direction: Ursa Major

(exposure in 9 min. 30 sec.)

direction: Gemini
28:50 (exposure in 9 min. 30 sec.)

It attempted to expand two meteors in the photograph above down respectively.

Common Data:
Location: Kasuo Pass, Awano town, Tochigi pref., Japan
Lens: 50mm F1.4 Aperture F2.8, Auto-guide, Fuji-film SGA800

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