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NGC2362 = Cr136 = Mel.65 (Open Cluster)
[Canis Major]

Dec.12 1998, 25h14mJST (6min. Exposure)
Location: the Kasuo Pass, Awano town, Tochigi pref., Japan

Epsilon210c (21cm-reflector, f=628mm, F:3.0), Fuji-film SGA800

Object Data
NGC2362 = Cr136 = Mel.65
Type of objectOpen Cluster Typed
ConstellationCanis Major
R.A.07h 18.7m (2000.0) Dec.-24° 58' (2000.0)
Mag.(v)10.5 Mag.(p)-
Diameter6' Distance4700 light-year
noteContaining about 40 stars

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