Photo index of New General Catalog

Last updated on Oct.28, 2001

NGC 1 - 999
N129 NGC129 C N133 NGC133 C
NGC146 C
N147 NGC147 S N185 NGC185 S
N253 NGC253 S N278 NGC278 S N281 NGC281 N N288 NGC288 G
N457 NGC457 C N559 NGC559 C N637 NGC637 C N663 NGC654 C
NGC659 C
NGC663 C
N744 NGC744 C N752 NGC752 C N869 NGC869 C
NGC884 C
N891 NGC891 S
N896 NGC896 N N925 NGC925 S N957 NGC957 C

NGC 1000 - 1999
N1027 NGC1027 C N1055 NGC1055 S N1097 NGC1097 S N1232 NGC1232 S
N1245 NGC1245 C N1300 New !
NGC1297 S
NGC1300 S
N1325 New !
NGC1315 S
NGC1319 S
NGC1325 S
N1332 New !
NGC1331 S
NGC1332 S
N1360 NGC1360 P N1398 NGC1398 S N1499 NGC1499 N N1513 NGC1513 C
N1528 NGC1528 C N1545 NGC1545 C N1513 NGC1582 C N1637 NGC1637 S
N1647 NGC1647 C N1664 NGC1664 C N1746 NGC1746 C N1788 NGC1788 N
N1999 NGC1999 N

NGC 2000 - 2999
N2023 NGC2023 N N2024 NGC2024 N N2112 NGC2112 C N2141 NGC2141 C
N2169 NGC2169 C N2194 NGC2194 C N2174 NGC2174 N N2215 NGC2215 C
N2236 NGC2236 C N2237 NGC2237 N
NGC2244 C
N2261 NGC2261 N N2264 NGC2264 CN
N2266 NGC2266 C N2281 NGC2281 C N2309 NGC2309 C N2331 NGC2331 C
N2335 NGC2335 C N2343 NGC2343 C N2353 NGC2353 C N2354 NGC2354 C
N2355 NGC2355 C N2360 NGC2360 C N2362 NGC2362 C N2368 NGC2368 C
N2374 NGC2374 C N2392 NGC2392 P N2395 NGC2395 C N2396 NGC2396 C
N2403 NGC2403 S N2420 NGC2420 C N2423 NGC2423 C N2539 NGC2539 C
N2903 NGC2903 S N2916 NGC2916 S

NGC 3000 - 3999
N3384 NGC3384 S
NGC3389 S
N3521 NGC3521 S N3628 NGC3628 S N3631 NGC3631 S
N3675 NGC3675 S N3726 NGC3726 S N3877 NGC3877 S N3893 NGC3893 S
N3953 NGC3953 S

NGC 4000 - 4999
N4088 NGC4085 S
NGC4088 S
N4100 NGC4100 S N4102 NGC4102 S N4157 NGC4157 S
N4212 NGC4212 S N4214 NGC4214 S N4216 NGC4216 S N4220 NGC4220 S
N4244 NGC4244 S N4245 NGC4245 S N4251 NGC4251 S N4274 NGC4274 S
N4278 NGC4278 S N4312 NGC4312 S N4314 NGC4314 S N4388 NGC4388 S
NGC4413 S
NGC4425 S
N4395 NGC4395 S N4402 NGC4402 S N4435 NGC4435 S
NGC4438 S
N4449 NGC4449 S
N4473 NGC4473 S
NGC4477 S
N4564 NGC4564 S
NGC4567 S
NGC4568 S
N4565 NGC4565 S N4631 NGC4627 S
NGC4631 S
NGC4656 S
N4725 NGC4712 S
NGC4725 S
NGC4747 S

NGC 5000 - 5999
N5005 NGC5005 S N5033 NGC5033 S N5053 NGC5053 G N5308 NGC5308 S
N5322 NGC5322 S N5363 NGC5356 S
NGC5363 S
NGC5364 S
N5466 NGC5466 G N5566 NGC5560 S
NGC5566 S
N5576 NGC5574 S
NGC5576 S
NGC5577 S
N5897 NGC5897 G

NGC 6000 - 6999
N6144 NGC6144 G N6229 NGC6229 G N6235 NGC6235 G N6242 NGC6242 C
N6281 NGC6281 C N6284 NGC6284 G N6287 NGC6287 G N6293 NGC6293 G
N6356 NGC6356 G N6633 NGC6633 C N6649 NGC6649 C N6664 NGC6664 C
N6704 NGC6704 C N6709 NGC6709 C N6738 NGC6738 C N6755 NGC6755 C
NGC6756 C
N6791 NGC6791 C N6830 NGC6830 C N6871 NGC6871 C N6883 NGC6883 C
N6885 NGC6885 C N6939 NGC6939 C N6940 NGC6940 C N6946 NGC6946 S

NGC 7000 - 7840
N7000 NGC7000 N N7086 NGC7086 C N7177 NGC7177 S N7209 NGC7209 C
N7217 NGC7217 S N7243 NGC7243 C N7293 NGC7293 P N7331 NGC7331 S
N7448 NGC7448 S N7479 NGC7479 S N7635 NGC7635 N N7789 NGC7789 C

M- Messier
N- NGC ( New General Catalog )
I- IC ( Index Catalog )
C- Open Cluster
G- Globular Cluster
P- Planetary Nebula
N- Bright Diffuse Nebula
S- Galaxy

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