Index of Open Cluster
The cluster's number by Collinder and the number by Melotte

Last updated on Nov. 5, 2000

NumberOther No.Con.Note
Cr 2-129--Cas
Cr 3-133--Cas
Cr 5-146--Cas
Cr 12Mel. 7457--Cas
Cr 13-559--Cas
Cr 14Mel. 8581-103Cas
Cr 17-637--Cas
Cr 18Mel. 9654--Cas
Cr 19Mel. 10659--Cas
Cr 20Mel. 11663--Cas
Cr 22-744--Per
Cr 23Mel. 12752--And
Cr 24Mel. 13869--PerDuble Cluster
Cr 25Mel. 14884--PerDuble Cluster
Cr 26Mel. 15---Cas
Cr 28-957--Per
Cr 30Mel. 161027--Cas
Cr 31Mel. 171039-34Per
Cr 32--1848-Cas
Cr 38Mel. 181245--Per
Cr 39Mel. 20---Per
Cr 42Mel. 22--45TauPleiades
Cr 46-1513--Per
Cr 47Mel. 231528--Per
Cr 49-1545--Per
Cr 51-1582--Per
Cr 54Mel. 261647--Tau
Cr 56Mel. 271664--Aur
Cr 57Mel. 281746--Tau
Cr 62----Aur
Cr 66Mel. 351907--Aur
Cr 67Mel. 361912-38Aur
Cr 71Mel. 371960-36Aur
Cr 73-1981--Ori
Cr 75Mel. 382099-37Aur
Cr 76-2112--Ori
Cr 79-2141--Ori
Cr 80--2157-Gem
Cr 81Mel. 402158--Gem
Cr 82Mel. 412168-35Gem
Cr 83-2169--Ori
Cr 87Mel. 432194--Ori
Cr 90Mel. 452215--Mon
Cr 94-2236--MonNew!
Cr 99Mel. 472244--Mon
Cr 112Mel. 492264--Mon
Cr 113Mel. 502266--Gem
Cr 116Mel. 512281--Aur
Cr 118Mel. 522287-41CMa
Cr 122Mel. 562309--Mon
Cr 124Mel. 582323-50Mon
Cr 126-2331--Gem
Cr 127Mel. 602335--Mon
Cr 128-2343--Mon
Cr 130Mel. 622353--Mon
Cr 131-2354--CMa
Cr 133Mel. 632355--Gem
Cr 134Mel. 642360--CMa
Cr 136-2362--CMa
Cr 138-2368--Mon
Cr 139-2360--CMa
Cr 144-2395--Gem
Cr 148-2396--Pup
Cr 152Mel. 682422-47Pup
Cr 153Mel. 702423--PupNew!
Cr 154Mel. 692420--GemNew!
Cr 155Mel. 71---CMaNew!
Cr 156Mel. 72---MonNew!
Cr 159Mel. 752437-46Pup
Cr 160Mel. 762447-93Pup
Cr 176Mel. 832539--Pup
Cr 179Mel. 852548-48Hya
Cr 189Mel. 882632-44CncPraesepe
Cr 204Mel. 942682-67Cnc
Cr 317Mel. 1556242--Sco
Cr 324Mel. 1616281--Sco
Cr 341Mel. 1786405-6Sco
Cr 354Mel. 1836475-7Sco
Cr 356Mel. 1846494-23Sgr
Cr 362-6530--Sgr
Cr 363Mel. 1886531-21Sgr
Cr 374Mel. 1976603-24Sgr
Cr 375Mel. 1986611-16Ser
Cr 376-6613-18Sgr
Cr 377-6618-17Sgr
Cr 380Mel. 2016633--Oph
Cr 382Mel. 204-472525Sgr
Cr 384Mel.2066649--Sct
Cr 385-6664--Sct
Cr 386Mel. 210-4756-Ser
Cr 387----Sct
Cr 389Mel. 2126694-26Sct
Cr 390-6649--Sct
Cr 391Mel. 2136705-11Sct
Cr 392Mel. 2146709--Aql
Cr 396-6738--Aql
Cr 397-6755--Aql
Cr 398-6756--Aql
Cr 406Mel. 2246830--Vul
Cr 413-6871--Cyg
Cr 415-6883--Cyg
Cr 417-6885--Vul
Cr 418--4996-Cyg
Cr 422-6913-29Cyg
Cr 423-6939--Cep
Cr 424Mel. 2326940--Vul
Cr 426-6994-73Aqr
Cr 437-7086--Cyg
Cr 438Mel. 2367092-39Cyg
Cr 444Mel. 2387209--Lac
Cr 448Mel. 2407243--Lac
Cr 455Mel. 2437654-52Cas
Cr 460Mel. 2457789--Cas

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