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Converter for Scarlatti's work among Longo No. , Kirkpatrick No. , Pestelli No. , Synzyusya (edited by M. Iguchi) and Ricordi Edition (by E. Fadini) Number of Fadini Edition are shown.
Please enter a work's number into a field which you know and click another field. You can find a related work's number.
Some of Scarlatti's works only have Kirkpatrick number, not Longo one. In this case Longo field shows "None", "undefined" or 0. The head letter 'S' of Longo number (from S1 to S45) stands for supplement.

Kirkparick Edition Vol. means volume No. of "Le Pepitre" Series ,pubulished by Heugel. and Fadini Edition Vol. means volume No. of Longo Ediiton pubulished by Ricordi.

Kirkpatrick Vol.
Fadini Vol.

Note 1:

Some sonatas which are single by Pestelli were considered double-counted by Kirkpatrik. I will show the relations as follows:

2375, 76
8024, 73
8327, 431
128126, 426
131160, 428
132198, 429
254193, 254
286234, 427
430214, 275
453367, 433
463412, 430
492304, 521
531527, 535

If you input Pestelli No. above, you will find a bigger smaller Kirkpatrick's No.

Note 2

Sonata K.204 is composed of K.204a and K.204b. The former is P.170 and the latter is P.255. No Longo Number exists for K.204. If you search K.204 in this program, you will find a string "170.255" in the "Pestelli" field.

Note 3

Theme presents first soprano melody, with notation of "Lilypond", NB.1 Duration is not considerated. NB.2 We presents si equal to b, not h.

Appendix. Tonality Check program

C Major G Major D Major A Major E Major B Major F Sharp Major
F Major B Flat Major E Flat Major A Flat Major D Flat Major G Flat Major
a Minor e Minor b Minor f sharp Minor c sharp Minor g sharp Minor d sharp Minor
d Minor g Minor c Minor f Minor b Flat Minor e Flat Minor

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