About my work (Aug., 1994), text/Toshihiro Sakuma

In order to make an imaginative work, I have worked with images that have as little connection as possible to my everyday life. But I am recently looking into my family tree and collecting pictures of my family and my relatives, because I became interested in taking a good look at these personal things which I thought were in my way and would not mix with my artwork. A family tree is something that is strictly personal but at the same time it is something definitely universal, another words it is my personal story but also is the origin of emotions of every person. If my interpretation is correct, it will give me the chance to work in connection to my own story.

The circuit of living an everyday life is redoing or changing to things that are ordinary and boring one after the other, but on the other hand, this circuit has the mechanism of bringing happiness, disappointment and pain, and then mending and curing these emotions. If the magnetic force of electric current that flow in this circuit, formats the rhythm of my emotions, my artwork will be completed by scooping up the quiet signals let out from this. I am thinking of working by remaining in this circuit for a while, because this method could be my originality to make an imaginative work.