About my works (May, 1990), text/Toshihiro Sakuma

The creation of my work is based on seeking from the sea of dreams, unconsciousness and madness within my body and my mind,@the drama of the genesis of the original form of life formed from the state of cosmic chaos, which has been ceaselessly inherited from this primeval life to the present state of our being. The empathy I feel when imagining the very first movement and the actual instant of the movement of the original form of life is so strong that it is beyond my understanding. This image in my mind which involves movements is why I create works that move. The movements in my works could be said to be the monument in memory of this very first movement of the original form of life.

The microscopic images expanding in the dark and shut up space I create is gradually stressing the implication of the primitive form of cell. I do not know to which or to what direction the future will take me, but only that in the tiny(yet large) sea of cells where our rational judgement does not reach, I see chaos where things are virginal.