Step 3: Area Selection

3.Draw a line along the edge of selection

Okay, we understand how to make a selection, but will we do with it? First, let's draw a line using it.

Here I applied a rectangular selection.

Click the "Line" icon.
The same can be done from the top menu, [Paint]-[Line].
A line is drawn along the selection border.

The type of pentip and color to draw the line is determined as selected in the P-panel. Here, I used the white square pen of the size of 5 x 5 pixels.

You can apply to the line the T and D values I explained in First, Let's Start From Basics!

The color chosen here is "dark purple", with T value 50 & D value 65.

You can make various lines like this.

4.FIll color in the selected area

Next, fill color.

Here I applied a circle selection.

Click this icon, and the color selected in P-panel gets filled in the area. White is used in the sample.
T&D values are also applicable to Fill.