Day 1: June 2 and 3


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1-1. The Suitengu Shrine

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Photos: The Suitengu Shrine (Left)
and Cyochin (Japanese Paper Lantern), The Suitengu Shrine (Right)

Before departure, I went to "The Suitengu Shrine". I prayed to God for a safe travel. "The Suitengu Shrine" is near Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT, pronounced tee-cat). It takes only 2 minutes on foot.

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1-2. Tokyo City Air Terminal

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Photo: Tokyo City Air Terminal

In TCAT, I went to Northwest Airlines counter. And I heard that my flight was late. The news gave me a shock. A Northwest clerk made an apology and gave me 500 Japanese Yen drink coupon.

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Photo: Airport Limousine

After checking in, I met my friend Ms. Koh. We bought airport limousine ticket (2,900 Yen) and airport tax ticket (2,040 Yen). Then, we took Passport Control and went to New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) by airport limousine.

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1-3. Flight Delay

 Go "Terminal 1, Narita Airport"
Photo: Terminal 1, Narita Airport

In Narita Airport, we went to a restaurant at Terminal 1. I ate Japanese buckwheat noodles, "soba" (1,025 Yen). The restaurant was available for the Northwest coupon. And we moved to departure gate.

 Go "Northwest Airplane"
Photo: Northwest Airplane

At 8:30 PM, we boarded an airplane. But it took off at 9:25 PM. After the meal, I tried to get to sleep, but I was wide awake. At 1:20 AM on June 3, we arrived at Bangkok International Airport (Don Muang) Terminal 2.

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1-4. Day Rooms, Don Muang Airport

We had reserved Day Rooms (Transit Room) at Terminal 2 before we left for Bangkok. However, they were already full. We had to move to another Day Rooms at Terminal 1 with other guests. Their costs were either 46 US Dollars or 1,400 Thai Baht per 4 hours. They accepted cash only (US Dollar, Thai Baht, or Japanese Yen, etc.). We were short of Thai Baht. We paid the rest on Japanese Yen. At 2:30 AM, We checked in.

 Go "Bedroom, Day Rooms"
Photo: Bedroom, Day Rooms

The Room was clean. There was toothbrushes, shampoos, soap, and bath towels. I took a shower. We were so tired that we went to bed as soon as we lay down.

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