Xped download Page

Xped is a free CW/SSB contest trainer written by JE3MAS for all the dedicated contesters.
With Xped, you can enjoy virtual contests with a lot of participants.


How to install Xped

  1. Make a folder and save Xped.exe, Cty.dat, Master.dta and Contest scripts to the folder
  2. Install SAPI4
  3. Install Text-To-Speech engines (Optional for SSB simulation)

Download Xped (Required)

Xped version ( (Updated on 24 Oct,2008)
Manual (Japanese Ver1.0)

Download Contest script (At least one required)

WW Phone
WW Training (Good for training both CW and SSB)
WPX CW (revised on 27 May, 2008)
WPX Phone(revised on 27 May, 2008)
WPX Training (Good for training both CW and SSB)(revised on 27 May, 2008)
IARU HF World Championship(revised on 27 May, 2008)
All Asia CW (for Asian)
All Asia CW (for DX)
All Asia PH (for Asian)
All Asia PH (for DX)
All Asia Training both CW and Phone (for Asian)
All Asia Training both CW and Phone (for DX)

Download CTY.dat and Master.dta (Required)

Download CTY.dat
Download Master.dta

Download Speech API4 (SAPI4) (Required)

SAPI4 (spchapi.exe)(825KB)

Download Text-To-Speech Engine (Optional for SSB simulation)

Microsoft Text-To-Speech Engine for SAPI4 (msttsl.exe)

Mary, Mike, Sam and More (7.3MB)(Recommended)

L&H TruVoice TTS Engines for SAPI4 (tv_enua.exe)

American English (0.99MB) (Recommended)
If the link above is missing try this.

SAPI4 SDK Suite has some other voices.

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