Vicki's wood'n things
Woodworking, gardenning, and animal buddies' website.
I love her workshop, neat and seems to be comfortable to enjoy woodworking.
Craft House Mana
Amateur woodworker's English website. He lives in Sikoku and loves fishing. Various information for fishing in Sikoku and comments for Japanese environment..
The Woodchuck Canuck
Wayne's Woodcrafts Vancouver Is, CANADA
@Excellent scrollsaw projects. Enjoy beautiful clock, jewery box and fretwork projects in this website.
Alice's workshop
'Hand crafted collectible wooden toys and much more. Including toys made of scrap wood, craft projects, art, project help and tips, message board, chatrooms, and LOTS more!'
Grampa's workshop CANADA
Don is a talented woodworker and "Granpa". I like his toy stove that he made for his granddaughter.
Beautiful projects based on steady fundamental tecnique and woods are excellent. I like such projects, simple and high quality. JAPAN
Japanese amateur woodworker's English website. Cute projects.I felt ease when I visited his website. As each of his projects has "warm of family" on it,
Moguler woodworking shop / JAPAN
Japanese amateur woodworker's English website. He is my friend in my company . I'm always run ragged by this excellent apprentice. He is good at handling his teacher rather than woodworking must be.......!!!!

Nature Conservation Society of Japan
I think the person who loves the nature must be able to feel and find a lot of joy in ordinaly days of life.