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Hello everyone and welcome to my page.

Here are several programs running on Mac OS compatible computers, and most of these are available to download.


24 Sep 98

Mamoru Matsuoka

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If you look inside your System Folder, you will find many files and folders that were installed by other programs. You will also find that it is really hard to tell exactly which installer put them there.

In order to make managing your computer system easier, WhoInstalled? helps you by putting the name of the installer into the Info windows of files and folders which have just been installed into System Folder, Control Panels Folder, Extensions Folder and Fonts Folder right after installartion and restarting the computer.

What's New? - Latest Version is 1.1.4 (Updated on 31 March 01)

Becomes a bit faster and more stable.


Once I faced a panic operation when using WhoInstalled? and all comments in the Info windows of the files in the target folders were lost. I think it's NOT WI?'s fault, but I decided to make a new application "WI?Recoverer" in order to recover the Info by using WI?'s installer log files. This application is attached with WhoInstalled? 1.1.4 or later (Version 1.0b1).

What's New? - Latest Version is 1.0b3 (Updated on 26 November 00)

Location of WI?'s PPC version is shown in Help Menu for the registered users of WhoInstalled?.



If you use Apple Location Manager or a similar program, you might have to change several filenames manually everytime you change location, because some names are not allowed to be there any longer and others are newly required.

This small application ChangeName was developed to change preset filenames automatically.


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