JN1GKZ S-band Homemade Antennas

75cm Dish Antenna

Potable Stressed Dish Antenna

This is a Potable Stressed Dish Antenna using umbrella. Though its reflector face is uneven, performance is better than homemade loop. This antenna has made easy phone QSOs!!
This antenna suit for AO-40 field operation. This was an umbrella, but it is unable to use under rain and wind. hihi.

D=110cm, f/D=0.4, 2.5 turn Herial feed

I'm remaking the reflector face to fulr compactly.

Loop Antenna

I made QSOs on AO-40 S1 mode using 12elements Twin Delta Loop. AO-40 S1 is easy SAT!!

12elements Twin Delta Loop (left), 38elements Loop (right)

12elements Twin Delta Loop

Boom length: 40cm

38elements Loop

Boom length: 170cm

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