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Teresa's debut in Japan

The 1st of March 1974, Teresa Teng's first single record "Kon-ya kashira Asita kashira" (Maybe tonight, Maybe tomorrow) was released by Japan Polydor record.

She had came Japan from Hong Kong on 15th February, before the record was released and the press conferrence was held. The media catchphrase was "The Red Rose of Hong Kong". She had been already a big star in Asian countries, but she desired to sing in Japan. Shinichi Mori, whom she was respected as a great singer belonged to the same music prodction, "Watanabe Production" and Office "Sun's".

In this year, some young Chinese female singer debuted, maybe for following up Agnes Chan, who debuted 1972 and had been already popular in Japan. Teresa was introduced on the some magazines with the headline "Catch up Agnes and get ahead!"

"Kon-ya kasira Ashita kasira "(Rylics by Michio Yamagami/ Composed by Kyohei Tsutumi/ Arranged by Hiroshi Takada)was a kind of girl's pop music. It ranked disappointing 75th on the music sales chart.

It is sayed that at the time she had moved to Japan, the cause of worrying her was language. She needed a interpreter when she was interviewed, she could not understand Japanese menu at the restaurant, nor can enjoy conversation with Japanese people. I guess she had made great effort to work in Japan.

Her second single record "Kuko"(Airport), (Rylics by Michio Yamagami/ Composed by Kosho Inomata/ Arranged by Ken-ichiro Mori) was released on 1st July. This song was a kind of "Enka" which brought out her beautiful voice more. Her costumes were changed mini skirt to long skirt. "Kuko" marked good sales day by day. She won the aword for the new singer at the 16th Japan Record Award, with the new singers as Yoko Aso(Grand prix of new singer), Michiru Jo, Mineko Nishikawa and Tsutomu Arakawa. Then she started to sing mainly "Enka" in Japan.