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Welcome to the Kyoto Hash House Harriers. We love Beer and Running!

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Due to previous confusion over changing information appearing in the Kyoto H3 Facebook Group more rapidly than that posted here (hashers, your Wired Sex does have a life besides the hash, and coding (and recoding... and rerecoding) html each time someone changes their mind takes a hell of a lot longer than simply typing a comment on Facebook!), Previous Grand Master Dances with Sheep and Grand Master Lego Over wish to make it clear that when discrepancies arise, the Facebook page should be considered as correct.
'Course, if you're not on Facebook, that means you have to rely on this "ancient" medium, doesn't it? Maybe drop one of them an email to be sure. (Remove the [spam-off!] from within the address before sending e-mail.)

Next Kyoto H3 Run

Run#59 Sunday 7th August
"Is She Really Leaving This Time?!"
Station: Kawaramachi (Hankyu Kyoto Line)
Meet: 3:00 pm
Place: Exit 1a, top of steps, street level
Run/walk/crawl: 3:30 pm
Hare: Speedy Peedy
When today's Hare, Speedy Peedy, arrived in Kansai and joined the Hash, she was amazed to discover gaijin who'd been here for five, ten, fifteen, or more years. We warned her: the first year flashes by so quickly most folks stay for another; before you notice it, you've been here three years; stay over five, and you're a "lifer"! Well, there was a close call for Speedy at year four; then another at year six; and finally, after eight years, this time it looks like she's really going!
Join Speedy on her Kyoto H3 sayonara trail to wish her good luck and... speedy travels. No grizzling allowed, 'k?

Kyoto H3 Receding Hareline

Run#60 Sunday ?? September
"Be A KyoH3 Hare!"
Station: TBA (Some line going somewhere)
Meet: 3:00 pm
Place: TBC
Run/walk/crawl: 3:30 pm
Hare: Who?
Someone volunteer, please!

Contact Information

Questions about the hash? Need directions to the meeting place? Contact the Kyoto H3 Grand Master, Lego Over.

(Remove the [spam-off!] from within the address before sending e-mail.)

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