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Fortunately, I was nominated for a Golden Globe Award today.
I am most pleased with being nominated together with Tom.
It appears that our movie was not nominated as the best
film but that’s OK. I am so glad to be nominated along
with my best friend, Tom.
An award ceremony will be held on January 25.
I am looking forward to sharing my happiness with Tom there.
But please keep in mind that it doesn't mean that I was awarded, you know...

December 18, 2003

I finished the L.A. and N.Y. premiers but will go to L.A.
soon again after the release for interviews. Although
I am very sorry that I won't be able to celebrate the opening day
with you together in Japan, I will hang in there in the aim
that a lot more people see this film. I really appreciate you
warmly watching an actor such as myself who has seldom appeared
in public this year. I believe the movie will earn your utmost support.
Please hope that this movie will be accepted by a large number of people.
Thank you so much again.

December 5, 2003

I became another older without incident this year, too.
I cleaned up all the characters in my thirties and have
tried new attempts. I think that resulted somehow
in the epic this year. At the same time, I am so thankful
for your strong cheering. And I also thank you so much
for the tons of birthday presents. While I appreciate
the happiness to return a favor to you with a wonderful film,
I will attempt to work harder for the promotion of the movie.
Please be patient.
November 3, 2003

Soon I will return from L.A. in order to resume publicity
in Japan. The heat for this film is getting considerably
hotter here in America. I strongly wish this movie will
inspire more people to have an interest in Japan.
We did make a historical investigation as much as possible.
But we are not making the historical table. We are making
a drama through which we can understand each other even
across national borders. We have been working on this film
for a year, and it will be in front of you in less than two months.
I will work a little bit harder so that all of you may go to the theater.

October 12, 2003

We finished filming which took a long time to complete.
Over one year has passed since I first met Ed at the audition last April.
It is not too much to say that this one year was the year of
struggle for me. I have overcome difficulties such as the culture gap
and language gap one by one. I'm sure all these efforts are expressed
in this film. It is we, the cast and crew ourselves, who are most l
ooking forward to the release. I am extremely proud of this movie.
Although its release is still half a year away, please don't miss
the matured and completed "The Last Samurai."

May 9, 2003

We finally started filming "The Last Samurai" for which I was
impatiently waiting. It was easier for me on the first day because
I acted the scenes which were constituted of Japanese actors only.
However, from the second day on I had to get used to Hollywood-style
filming. I am struggling to incorporate it with what I have done
as an actor so far. I know some of you may be anxious of what a Hollywood
samurai movie will be like. I think you will probably see the Japan
in the Meiji era which you have never seen before.
Please look forward to its arrival.

October 21, 2002

I would like everyone to feel how our filming is going. With that wish,
I send you my pictures. I am acting in several scenes with various
people at various places. Please broaden your imagination as much
as possible by the day you see our work. I want to be an actor
who can change himself into any role so that I won't dishonor
my nickname "the master of costume-play" given to me by you.
Please look forward to the film.

June 20, 2002

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