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We (JA1NLX and XYL) are planning to stay Ouvea Island (one of big islands in Loyalty Islands OC-033), NewCaledonia this November. Ouvea Island is very famous as "Paradice Island" by Katsura Morimura.
It is about 200Km north of Noumea and seems very nice for DXing for all over the world.

We will arrive at Ouvea in late afternoon on November 19 (around 0500z)
If everythng is OK then QRV will start at around 0700z and end at 0700z on November 23.

<General information>
Callsign: FK/JA1NLX   The license has been already issued. Valid between Nov18 - Nov25, 2009.
QTH: Ouvea Island, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia   IOTA OC-033
QRV between Nov.19 - 24, 2009
Band: (80), 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m
Mode: CW, RTTY  mainly in CW
Operating frequency:
3505/7015/10115/14035/18075/21035/24895/28035 QSX up 1-3KHz for CW
10140/14085/18110 QSX up 1-5KHz for RTTY

<Equipments under 50 pounds !>
Transceiver: FT-857 with microHAM microKeyer
Antenna: 4m long Buddistick with a lots of radials for 80 - 10m.

<QSL information>
QSL via JA1NLX   Buro, LoTW. Direct with SASE

OnLine Log All Log has been already uploaded. Please check your QSOs. If you have any problem then let me know.

LoTW has been already uploaded. New

Just finished making QSL card. All Log and QSL image has been already sent to GlobalQSL
for Buro QSL.

Ready to send Direct QSL in return.

I will post daily topics on the following page only if stable internet connection is available at hotel lobby.


2009/11/28 (Sorry but in Japanese)

DX Vacationで私が愛用するアンテナは垂直系です。周囲に障害物がないロケーションであることが重要ですが、何と言っても打ち上げ角が低くDX向きです。今回の目標の1ツは80mで何とかQSOすることでしたが、全長4mのBuddistickと2.5m x80本のラジアルでJAとQSOできました。この短いアンテナでよくできたものです。





国際便の場合、飛行機に預ける荷物の重量は20Kgまでというのが一般的です。またキャビン内に持ち込む手荷物は大きさの制限があります。New Caledonia本島からOuveaへ行く国内便ではこの手荷物の重さが3Kg以下という制限があることが現地で分かり、かなり慌てました。ワイフのスーツケースにかなりの機材を収容する羽目になりました。これで私のスーツケースが約20Kg、ワイフのが約18Kg、私の背負いバッグが何とか3Kg以下となってOKになりました。



原因ははっきりしませんが、1、2日目の極端な睡眠不足かも知れません。1日目の24時間で1000 QSO弱と頑張ったのですが、万一のことを考えるとやっぱり十分な睡眠が必要です。今回の最大のハプニングです。


どうでしょう? 「R 5nn TU」とスマートにやらては?

FK/JA1NLX history

QSO summary. Worked all HF Bands. Only 10M for RTTY.
This is first time to work 80m in DX vacation. very exciting experience ! (Dupe removed)

Not good for NA but good for EU under 17m

(Dupe not removed)

Some interesting pictures in Ouvea island.

This is aircraft for Ouvea. It takes about 45 min from Magenta to Ouvea air port.

Ouvea Island just before landing

Ouvea air port. Just arrived !

Checking all setup. It was about 1700 local time.

I installed 2 antennas.
(1)4m long Buddistick with 2.5m x80 radials on the beach
(2)Vertical with 3 elevated radials for 28 and 21MHz. It did not work on 21 MHz.

Operating position.
It was great during day time but a lots of mosquito in the evening.
I moved the desk into room in the evening.

Let's go !

Sunset in Ouvea Island

Hotel Paradis d' Ouvea entrance

Main street in the resort

Restaurant in the resort

"QRX 2 hours for walking on the beach"

Thanks for your interest in FK/JA1NLX 2009. We enjoyed it very much.
Hope to see you again from somewhere in South pacific next year !

aki ja1nlx, FK/JA1NLX


Final check ,,,,,,

Trnsceiver: FT-857 with MFJ-4125 power supply and microKeyer.
PC: Dell X-200 for Logging and CAT.

I supposed to take IC-706 but I had some problem with it.
Finally I decided to take FT-857 instead of IC-706.
FT-857 did good job in previous DX vacation at 3D2 (2008, 2009)

4m long Buddistick with 2.5m x70 radials. Maching capacitor at feeding point for good match. You can see a lots of red/black wires for radials and blue small capacitor.

Band changing is very easy for 3.5/7/10/14MHz. Need changing loading coil tap and matchig capacitor.
For higher band (with no loading coil) it need to shorten whip length and change matching capacitor.

Easy to have good SWR for all Bands almost in an instant.


I received a copy of license via South Pacific Tours in Numea.

Equipments and Antenna

Our bungalow is located near the lagoon. Good earth and low angle radiation will be expected.
I decide to bring Buddistik by Buddipole with long whip and 2 sections of arms. Max length
will be about 4m.

Radials are made of 10m x4, 5m x24 and 2.5m x6 wires on the sandy beach.

It is first time to take IC-706 and microKeyer in DX Vacation. It works real RTTY (FSK instead AFSK)

2009/9/15   (Japanese)

今回FKの免許取得は旅行代理店、South Pacifi Touresに全てをお願いしました。8月はFKの免許担当者の夏休みということからしばらく連絡がなかったのですが、9/14時点では申請書類は受理されたとのことでした。FKの免許担当者は免許証は直接手渡しすると言っているそうですが、何とか事前に送付してもらえるようにお願いしたところです。