Isumi River Canoeing Plan

[Canoes and boats]

Municipal Ocean Center is operated by the Misaki Town.
The rental fee is very moderate. Disocunting for the local residents. The fee for boats and canoes is 200 yen per hour for the Misaki residents. For others, the fee is 400 yen per hour.


Contacts for the Misaki Ocean Center are as follow:
Address: Izumi 4448-1, Misaki, Isumi-gun. Chiba pref. Zip.299-4611
Tel &Fax: 0470-87-5866

Contacting persons: Nobuyuki Jyouji (Head), Kenji Tokita (Syujiho)
Machiko Yoshino and others

[Basic Procedures, etc.]

Advanced consultation is recommended with the contacting persons.

B&G Ocean Center
Neighboring the Ebado River
Sotobou Hotel
Next to Ocean Center

Boat House
Start point of canoeing
Life jackets

singles and doubles
Paddle or canoeing oar

Boats for two-three persons Oars for boating

[Characteritics of the Isumi River]

The largest river in the Bosos Peninsula. The total water flow area exceeds 300 square-kilometers. Annaul rainfall of these areas exceeds 2000mm. Since the river flow increrases very rapidly, you should wait at least two days after the medium-heavy railfall.
First recommendation is to familiarize with the paddling at the rivermouth of the Isumi River. Sea tide normally reaches upsteam of the Kotoh Bridge. In other words, the river flow is rather slow.
At the Hiari-Izumiura beaches, ther are strong currents going out to the ocean, whichi is called "Mio" locally. Mio will take you off the beach some 1000m within a minute .

Pier of the Ocean Center
Facing to the Ebado River
Rivermouth of the Ebado River
Outlet to the Isumi River

Outlet to the Isumi River Rivermouth of the Isumi River


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