Appeal from Japanese Scholars of Political Economy
to All the People and States of the World
− Call for the Rational Actions
to Eradicate the Vicious Cycle
of Indiscriminate Terrorism and Military Actions −


                                  8 October, 2001

On September 11, 2001, the multiple simultaneous acts of terrorism that took the lives of several thousand people in an instant brought an immeasurable shock to the whole world. We express our deepest condolences and sympathy to the victims and we denounce those groups and individuals who planned or executed the terrorist act.

We will never tolerate such actions of indiscriminate terrorism that kill so many ordinary people as means to attain any aim. Such terrorism is an anti-humanistic act and an international crime against the whole of humanity. Those who planned or acted must be strictly punished. There is a peaceful and internationally recognized means to address and pass judgement on these kinds of crime; specifically, there is the International Court based on the UN Charter and international laws. It has already been functioning for some time now. We seek the impeachment of the planners,organizers, actors and supporters of the recent act of terrorism according to the procedures based on international law, to be heard at the International Criminal Court so as to reach a fair verdict and stern punishment of the guilty.

At the time immediately following the attack, the US government declared "This is a war against the USA" and began to prepare for a retaliatory war against the terrorist groups, their individual members and supporting organizations, and it demanded that other nations act in concert with its policy.

Looking back at what has been happening in the past ten years, it is undeniable that the US and its allied nations have damaged the lives of a tremendous number of non-combatant people or ordinary citizens by either directly or indirectly waging military actions in Palestine, Iraq, the Sudan, and states of the former Yugoslavia, causing the increase of anti-US emotions among the public in those areas, and fostering such fanatic consciousness leading to the belief that the suicidal attacks of indiscriminate terrorism would deliver supreme salvation. Although we have no time here to offer specific reasons why these conditions exist, we can see clearly the vicious cycle of military actions and indiscriminate terrorism. It seems apparent that the recent acts indiscriminate terrorism is a part of such a vicious cycle.

Do not such formidable acts of indiscriminate terrorism demand of us, all individuals and all states of the world, to act rationally? With this in mind, we ask the people of the US and the world neither for a retaliatory war, nor for a request to support it, but instead ask for rational action of people and of states to eradicate such vicious cycles as seen in Palestine, the Middle East,Yugoslavia, and all over the world.

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi expressed support for the retaliatory war policy of the US government even earlier than the NATO nations did. The ruling parties of Japan, by taking advantage of the shock in the minds of the Japanese people who had watched closely the large-scale act of terrorism, are seeking to strengthen the contents of existing laws to make it possible for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to go abroad and participate in military actions which would violate the peace article of the Japanese Constitution even further than, we believe, it already has been. We ask the Japanese government to make appeals to the public and the states of the world to cut off the horrifying vicious cycle of military actions and terrorism by engaging in non-military, rational behavior. We desire that Japan act on it's own to furnish a good example. Now is the time for Japan, as one of the so-called economic giants, to build hospitals and schools, dispatch medical doctors, educators and agriculturists to mitigate with all its power the inhuman conditions of the people in different parts of world which have been the hotbeds of indiscriminate terrorism. We ask the Japanese government to act in this direction.

President Bush in his speech at the US Congress on Sept. 22 urged the people and states of the world to make the choice between standing with the US for "justice" and defense of "freedom" or going with "evil" and terrorism.Those who were present all stood applauding him. To urge that people choose between the two - with military power behind - is nothing but a threat without allowing room for rational thought. By this speech, the people and states of the world are made to face an oppressive force which would deny the freedom to criticize the President's policy. We foster the hope of human society to overcome this kind of oppressive power over the consciousness. We hope for action to consolidate all human beings, such as is being shown by the people in New York in the midst of such devastation, and also in the demonstrations in that same city, in which people courageously expressed opposition to a retaliatory war.

We demand of all states in the world that they take rational action to eradicate the vicious cycle of indiscriminate terrorism and military conflict. Hearing of the news on the beginning of the strikes, we demand of the United States and its allied forces to stop the military action immediately.

We must create such a world system that would make it possible to overcome the severe poverty and inhuman living conditions which become seed-beds for indiscriminate terrorism. We call on all working individuals of the world, and especially of the advanced nations, to make such a world system possible.

We now declare determination to do our best to eliminate such social bases as would lead to wars among nations and indiscriminate terrorism.

   (The demand of the immediate stop of the military action was added to
the original circulated appeal at the coordinators' meeting on October 8.)

                              Concerned individuals among the members of
                             the Japan Society of Political Economy

 Chief: Shibagaki, Kazuo (Musashi University)
          Postal Address : 110, Kanai-cho 2134, Machida-shi, 195-0071 Japan
            Tel. 042-734-7254
          Kitahara, Isamu (Keio University)
          Konishi, Kazuo (Rikkyo University)
          Maehata, Noriko (Rikkyo University)
          Masuda, Toshio (Hosei University)
          Morioka, Koji (Kansai University)
          Nagashima, Seiichi (Tokyo University of Economics)
          Otani, Teinosuke (Hosei University)
          Yagi, Kiichiro (Kyoto University)

418 Economists of the Japan Society for Political Economy signed the appeal:
Abe, Hiroshi  Abe, Jun  Abe, Naoki
Abe, Shin'ya  Abe, Teruo  Agatsuma, Toru
Akama, Michio  Akasaka, Michitoshi  Amano, Mitsunori
Ando, Kaneo  Aneha, Aki  Aoyagi, Kazumi
Arai, Satoshi  Arii, Yukio  Ariizumi, Satoshi
Asakawa, Masami  Ashida, Fumio  Azuma, Koichiro
Baba, Motoji  Chatani, Jun'ichi  Chiba, Akio
Chikano, Noboru  Cho, Yukio  Dohi, Makoto
Edamatsu, Masayuki  Fikuda, Yasuo  Fujii, Tsuyoshi
Fujioka, Atsushi  Fujita, Akio  Fujita, Minoru
Fujiwara, Katsumi  Fukagai, Zentaro  Fukudome, Hisao
Fukushima, Toshio  Furukawa, Satoru  Goka, Kazumichi
Goto, Yasuo  Haga, Ken'ichi  Hagiwara, Shinjiro
Hamada, Hajime  Hamakawa, Kazunori  Handa, Masaki
Hara, Nobuko  Harada, Minoru  Harada, Yoshinori
Hasada, Kiyoshi  Hasebe, Takashi  Hasegawa, Yoshikazu
Hashimoto, Akiko  Hashimoto, Naoki  Hattori, Fumio
Hattori, Masaharu  Hattori, Yasuhiko  Hayasaka, Keizo
Hayashi, Akira  Hayashi, Jun  Hayashi, Kentaro
Hirabayashi, Kazutaka  Hiraishi, Osamu  Hirano, Atsuo
Hirano, Ken  Hirano, Kiichiro  Hirata, Kikuo
Hirota, Jun  Hirota, Kiyotaka  Hisano, Kunio
Horiuchi, Ken'ichi  Hoshi, Makoto  Hoshino, Tomiichi
Hosogai, Daijiro  Hosoi, Toshiaki  Ichihara, Akane
Ichii, Akira  Ide, Keiji  Iida, Kazuto
Ikariyama, Hiroshi  Ikumi, Akio  Imai, Yushi
Imamiya, Kenji  Imamura, Motoyoshi  Imura, Kiyoko
Inoue, Hiroshi  Inoue, Kanji  Inoue, Yoshio
Inukai, Kin'ya  Inuzuka, Shoji  Irie, Toshio
Isagai, Nobuo  Ishii, Hiroo  Ishikawa, Yasuhiro
Ishiwata, Sadao  Ito, Masazumi  Ito, Takeshi
Ito, Yoichi  Itoh, Makoto  Iwabayashi, Takeshi
Iwasaki, Toru  Iwashita, Hiroshi  Iwata, Hiroshi
Izumi, Toshihiro  Izumo, Masashi  Kai, Eiko
Kaido, Masatoshi  Kakizaki, Shigeru  Kaku, Yanchun
Kakuda, Osamu  Kamakura, Takao  Kamata, Takashi
Kamata, Takeji  Kameda, Masato  Kamikawa, Takao
Kamishima, Takeshi  Kamura, Shin'ichi  Kanada, Shigeki
Kaneko, Haruo  Kaneko, Masashi  Kangawa, Naochika
Karato, Okinori  Kataoka, Koji  Kato, Koichi
Kato, Yasuo  Kato, Yoshitada  Kawabata, Nozomu
Kawabe, Heihachiro  Kawakami, Yoshio  Kawamoto, Akito
Kawanabe, Tadatoshi  Kawarada, Maiko  Kawashima, Nobuyoshi
Kikkawa, Akimaro  Kikumoto, Mai  Kikumoto, Yoshiharu
Kimura, Jiro  Kinbara, Minoru  Kiriyama, Hiroyuki
Kita, Akemi  Kitada, Yoshiharu  Kitagawa, Kazuhiko
Kitahara, Isamu  Kitamura, Hiromoto  Kitano, Masakazu
Kobayashi, Yaroku  Kobuchi, Minato  Koike, Hiroshi
Kojima, Kosei  Kojima, Tsunehisa  Komaki, Masanori
Komatsu, Yoshio  Komiya, Shohei  Kondo, Sadao
Kondo, Tetsuya  Konishi, Kazuo  Konno, Yasuhiro
Kono, Shin'ichi  Kotani, Takashi  Kubo, Shin'ichi
Kumagai, Takakazu  Kuramoto, Yoshihisa  Kuriki, Yasunobu
Kuroda, Ken'ichi  Kurotaki, Masaaki  Kuruma, Ken
Kurushima, Yozo  Kusahara, Mitsuaki  Maeda, Jiro
Maehata, Noriko  Maehata, Yukihiko  Maki, Sanehiko
Makino, Tomio  Mamiya, Ken'ichi  Maruyama, Yoshinari
Masagami, Tsuneo  Masuda, Toshio  Matsuhashi, Toru
Matsumoto, Akira  Matsumoto, Hisao  Matsuo, Hideo
Matsuo, Hiroshi  Matsuo, Satoshi  Matsuo, Tadasu
Matsuoka, Kanji  Matsushita, Kazuki  Minami, Katsumi
Misono, Kenkichi  Miwa, Haruki  Miwa, Toshihiro
Miyakawa, Akira  Miyakawa, Kenzo  Miyamoto, Junsuke
Miyamoto, Ken'ichi  Miyata, Kazuyasu  Miyazaki, Saiichi
Miyazaki, Teruomi  Miyoshi, Aiko  Mizukawa, Susumu
Mizutani, Kenji  Mizutani, Yoshio  Mori, Meiko
Mori, Ryoichi  Mori, Tsuneo  Mori, Yoshitaka
Morino, Katsuyoshi  Morioka, Koji  Morioka, Masashi
Morioka, Sunao  Morishita, Hiromi  Morita, Masami
Morita, Seiya  Motoda, Kosei  Nabeshima, Naoki
Nagashima, Seiichi  Nagasuna, Minoru  Nagayama, Toshikazu
Nakada, Tsuneo  Nakagawa, Hiroshi  Nakagawa, Nobuyoshi
Nakagawa, Sumi  Nakagawa, Teruo  Nakahara, Takayuki
Nakamura, Masafumi  Nakamura, Masahito  Nakamura, Muneyuki
Nakamura, Toshio  Nakano, Kumiko  Nakano, Yoichi
Nakashio, Seiji  Nakatani, Takeo  Nakatani, Takeshi
Nakayama, Takao  Namie, Iwao  Nawa, Takao
Nihei, Satoshi  Niimura, Satoshi  Ninomiya, Atsumi
Nishihara, Seiji  Nishino, Tsutomu  Niwa, Yoshiharu
Nobuchika, Mitsuru  Noda, Masaho  Noguchi, Hiroshi
Noguchi, Makoto  Nohara, Hikari  Nomura, Hidekazu
O, Kenko  Obata, Michiaki  Obuki, Katsuo
Oguro, Masao  Ohata, Jue  Oishi, Takahisa
Oishi, Yuji  Okabe, Hiromi  Okada, Susumu
Okamoto, Hideo  Okamoto, Iwao  Oki, Kimihiro
Okubo, Ryoji  Okumura, Shigeji  Onishi, Hiroshi
Ono, Ichiro  Ono, Sadao  Onosato, Kiichi
Osada, Hiroshi  Osaki, Heihachiro  Osawa, Satoru
Ota, Yoshiki  Otani, Teinosuke  Otomo, Toshiaki
Ouchi, Hideaki  Ousaka, Mitsuru  Ozawa, Mitsutoshi
Saito, Hideharu  Saito, Yasuaki  Sakai, Shozaburo
Sakamoto, Chuji  Sakuma, Hidetoshi  Sanada, Tetsuya
Sanaka, Tadashi  Sasaki, Jin  Sasaki, Takao
Sasaki, Yasufumi  Sasaki, Yo  Sato, Kazuko
Sato, Masato  Sato, Takuya  Sato, Yoshikazu
Satogami, Joe  Sawada, Koji  Sei, Keisei
Seino, Yoshiei  Sekine, Iichiro  Sekino, Hideaki
Seo, Takashi  Shibagaki, Kazuo  Shibata, Toru
Shibata, Yoshihiko  Shibui, Yasuhiro  Shigeta, Sumio
Shigetomi, Ken'ichi  Shimada, Etsuko  Shimada, Takumi
Shimazaki, Miyoko  Shimazu, Hidenori  Shimizu, Masaaki
Shimizu, Noriyuki  Shimizu, Yoshiharu  Shimoyama, Fusao
Shindo, Michihiro  Shinoda, Takeshi  Shirai, Kunihiko
Sotoyama, Tadashi  Sugawara, Yoshin  Sugimoto, Shoshichi
Sugimoto, Toshiro  Sugiue, Tadayuki  Sugiyama, Kiyoshi
Suzuki, Akira  Suzuki, Kazuo  Tabei, Hideo
Takada, Takukichi  Takada, Yoshiaki  Takagi, Akira
Takagi, Tadao  Takahashi, Hidenao  Takahashi, Hisaya
Takahashi, Junzaburo  Takahashi, Kazuyoshi  Takahashi, Kunitaro
Takahashi, Teruo  Takahashi, Teruyoshi  Takahata, Akihisa
Takakura, Yasuo  Takashima, Mitsuo  Takauchi, Shun'ichi
Takayama, Mitsuru  Takayama, Yoichi  Takei, Hiroyuki
Takemi, Yoshinari  Takeuchi, Haruo  Takeuchi, Michio
Takeuchi, Yoshio  Takita, Kazuo  Tamagaki, Yoshinori
Tanabe, Eiji  Tanaka, Akira  Tanaka, Hideaki
Tanaka, Hidechika  Tanaka, Hiromichi  Tanaka, Reizo
Tanaka, Shiro  Tanida, Shozo  Tanie, Yukio
Tanigawa, Munetaka  Tatebe, Masayoshi  Tei, Ensho
Toda, Kazuo  Tokita, Yoshihisa  Tokiwa, Masaharu
Tokue, Kazuo  Tokushige, Masashi  Torihata, Yoichi
Torii, Kaneo  Torii, Nobuyoshi  Totsuka, Shigeo
Toyoda, Masahide  Tsukamoto, Takatoshi  Tsuruta, Hiromi
Tsuruta, Mitsuhiko  Uchida, Hiroshi  Uchida, Hiroshi
Uehara, Kazuyoshi  Uehara, Nobuhiro  Uemura, Takahisa
Ueno, Katsuo  Ueno, Sen  Uni, Hiroyuki
Unno, Yahiro  Wada, Sachiko  Wada, Shigeshi
Wakui, Hideyuki  Watanabe, Akira  Watanabe, Hajimu
Watanabe, Hiroaki  Watanabe, Katsushi  Watanabe, Yuichi
Yabuuchi, Takeshi  Yagi, Kiichiro  Yahata, Kazuhide
Yaka, Munehiko  Yamachi, Ken'ichi  Yamada, Hirofumi
Yamada, Hiroshi  Yamada, Kishio  Yamada, Sachio
Yamada, Toshio  Yamaguchi, Isamu  Yamaguchi, Keiichi
Yamaguchi, Shigekatsu  Yamaguchi, Takashi  Yamamoto, Juichi
Yamamoto, Takanori  Yamanaka, Toshihiro  Yamane, Seiichiro
Yamashita, Satoshi  Yamauchi, Ryoichi  Yanagihara, Ikuko
Yano, Katsuaki  Yano, Shuichi  Yao, Nobumitsu
Yasuda, Hitoshi  Yasuhara, Kazuo  Yatsuyanagi, Yoshijiro
Yoneda, Yasuhiko  Yorozuya, Susumu  Yoshikawa, Kyuji
Yoshimura, Nobuyuki  Yoshinobu, Susumu  Yoshiwara, Taisuke
Yuzawa, Makoto