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FEBRUARY 6, 2014


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Job Announcements

Job information is only provided by email to those who subscribe to the service.

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Subscription serviceS (JOBS-SALES-BUSINESS)

The main service is the Hokkaido Insider Job Service. This is an "email" subscription service intended for those who are primarily hoping to teach English and perhaps find other jobs for native speakers in Hokkaido, Japan. The service is operated by Ken Hartmann who has been working in Sapporo for over 27 years. The next service is the Personal Sales Service which helps locals to recycle personal items. The final subscription service is for local business entities to promote their business through announcements to the Hokkaido Insider readers and have their logos or banners linked to my website.


Separate annual subscriptions are available for Jobs (5,000 yen) and Business accounts (12,000 yen).The Personal Sales (2,000+ yen) fee is for single + 1 update announcements. Details for each type of service can be found by clicking on the appropriate tab/button in the menu bar at the top of this page.



If you know of ANY JOBS in Hokkaido that are available for native English speakers or non-native with good English or other foreign language skills, please contact me by email with the details of the position. There is no fee required for companies to have a position announced through the Hokkaido Insider Service. Please use the CONTACT link at the bottom of this page in order to get in touch with me.


Free Insider News Service

In addition to the subscription services, you can sign up for the FREE general Hokkaido Insider News announcements. Click on the News button above to see what kind of information is sent out. An email sent to the Hokkaido Insider requesting that your name (please provide full name) and address be added to that list is all it takes to become a recipient of those email announcements. Click on the CONTACT link at the bottom of this page to send me a message.

Business sponsors of the Hokkaido Insider make it possible for me to send out the general Insider News bulletins free of charge. It also keeps the Job Service and Personal Sales subscription fees very low. These sponsors get to make announcements on behalf of their businesses from time to time.

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As the sole owner of this service, I reserve the right to decide what will be broadcast, and to make minor changes for the sake of clarity. In general, common sense will be the basis for decisions. I accept no financial responsibility for inaccuracies which may occur.