Exchanging mail among EFL/ESL students

Would you like to have your students exchange mail with other students in other countries? If you would, please click here and give me your name with your mail address, school name and the name of the city, the state/province and the country you live in by mail. You can also add your message if you have. I will add your information to this page later.


William C. Paramore:
I am not in a public school, but I am a teacher and would like to correspond with anyone willing to learn ESL. [Hachinohe, Aomori]

Louis C. Illidge:
I am currently employed by the U.S. Government, and also work part time in my own home business providing discounted telecommunications services. [Misawa, Aomori]

Byron Tsao:
Some students in the English club I am running in Sueyoshi Junior High School in Kagoshima are interested in finding some pen pals, preferably native speakers around the same age. [Sueyoshi, Kagoshima]

Shauna Johnson:
I teach Business English classes as part of the International Economics Course at Hachinohe Commercial High School. My students have recently returned from doing a homestay in Hawaii and are eager to continue practicing their English with as many people as possible. We would like to welcome anyone to correspond with us, regardless of age or nationality. [Hachinohe, Aomori]

Rachelle Blair and Takeshi Yoshida:
My fiance and I run a private English conversation school in central Japan. We teach primary through adults and are very eager to have our students correspond with English speakers from around the world. We are also interested in doing a video-exchange. Perhaps our students could make a video of typical Japanese life, and your students could share their culture with us, as well. Please contact us! [Yokkaichi, Mie]

Brad Mylrea:
I am currently working as a foreign English teacher in Okinawa on Miyako Island for the Shimoji Cho Board of Education. My duties as an assistant English instructor include teaching/assisting at the main junior high school and at a very small elementary/junior high school (combined) as well as at the main elementary school for English club activities. I want to explore exchanges of letters and/or e-mail at any of the levels that I work with presently (which also includes adult community lessons). [Miyakojima, Okinawa]

Kozue Ohtsuka:
I am a student who majors in English at Bunkyo University in Japan. I live in a small town called Ohi in Saitama. Once I lived in Brazil for one year as an exchange student, so I am very interested in communicating with people in other countries. [Ohi, Saitama]

Julie Heck:
I am interested in finding pen pals (snail mail, not e-mail) for the students in my English club. They are soon-to-be second year students at Matsue Commercial Senior High School. [Matsue, Shimane]

Tokimitsu Morimoto:
Hi!! My name is Tokimitsu Morimoto. I graduated from high school on March 1 and will enter the medical department of Kinki University. I am 18 years old. If I have a chance I would like to go to America. Now I am looking for pen pals or e-mail friends. I am interested in American cultures. I like sports, music and movies. I can't express my feelings well in English, but I'll try!!

Yoshifumi Nishimura:
I am a teacher at Ohgawara Commercial High School in Miyagi. We are looking for a school that can exchange e-mail with our students. If you can, please send us a reply. We are looking forward to hearing from you! [Ohgawara, Miyagi]

Ikumi Seki:
I teach English at a junior high school in Japan. About 20 students of age 12 to 15 are eager to correspond with either boys or girls who are interested in Japan. They prefer postal letters since most of them don't have computers of their own. Please contact me if you are interested. [Amamioshima, Kagoshima]

Yasuko Nagaya:
I am a senior high school student. I am sixteen years old. I want to know about BENPOSTA in Spain, so I want to exchange e-mail with someone who knows about Spain very well. [Nishinomiya, Hyogo]

Yoko Nakamura:
I am not a student, but I am studying English myself. I had lived in Australia before. Now I am a kindergarten teacher and had the same job in Australia. My dream is to have a child care center that will have all kinds of children (from various countries, handicapped...) I need to master English for that. I would like someone to be my language exchange partner. I can check your Japanese mail and you check my English mail in return. I taught Japanese to Australians when I lived in Australia.

Hiroko Miyamoto:
I'm now teaching English in a private school. My students are 7 to 15 years old. I'd like them to have communications with other countries' people via e-mail. I think they can tell you what's happening in Japan. So we are really looking forward to receiving your e-mails. [Fukui]

Paul McGough:
I am looking for penpals (native English speakers) for the members of my English Club at Ueda Senior High School, Nagano Prefecture. Students are aged 16-18 (pals of a similar age preferred). Snail mail only, I'm afraid. [Ueda, Nagano]

Ted O'Neill:
I teach at several universities in the Tokyo area. I recently started an Internet seminar with some of my students at Aoyama Gakuin University. We'd like to get in touch with students from anywhere. Teachers or students may contact me by e-mail, or go to our class discussion website, B5 Notebook. [Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo]

Jenny Taotua:
I am teaching English to Japanese junior high school students. My students are 13 years old and 10 of them would like to exchange letters with other students in English. [Karatsu, Saga]


Ellen Serfaty:
high school English teacher [Pisgat Zeev]

South Korea

I'm working for Chung-Nam Mobile Telecom placed in Daejon, Korea. I hope to make a friend. [Daejon]

John McMahon:
I teach English at Young Hoon Language Institute in Yongin city in the province of Kyonggido. Our school has students of all ages and levels and many of them would love the chance to speak some English with other students. My main problem is that students want conversation but don't want to write. I want to give them the chance to do both by exchanging voice e-mail (also known as wave files) with other students and native speakers. I have just started doing this and when I play the first recording for my students they usually want to collect their thoughts on paper and try again. We have the Internet in class and we also have registered copies of webphone and vocaltec's internet phone 5.0, so we can have live real-time conversation for advanced students. [Yongin, Kyonggido]

Park Yong Hong:
I love studying English and want to make lots of friends in the world through English.

Lee Mal-sook:
I have been teaching English at a middle school for 13 years. Currently I am working for Pusan So Girls Middle School. My major is English language education and education methodology. I want to have many EFL teachers as e-pals. I am married and have two daughters. I want to find wonderful English teaching materials through internet for my students. [Pusan]

Ae-Lin Huh:
I am currently teaching at Shinkwang Girls Middle School in Seoul, Korea. I am interested in finding penpals for my students (preferably by postal letter, not e-mail). They are second year students and it would be nice if I could hook them up with students around their age. Their English level isn't that great so finding native speakers isn't essential. I would like one penpal for each student and there are 64 students in two classes that I am teaching.

My school address is:100 Bungi, Chungpadong 3 ga, Yongsangu Seoul, Korea 140-133 [Seoul]


Ann Swanson:
I am an instructor and coordinator of the English As a Foreign Language Program here at Big Bend Community College. We are a small community college, two-year college, freshmen and sophomores only. I am teaching an English course now using e-mail as a part of it for writing practice and computer literacy with my students. I would love to have them be able to communicate with foreign students in Japan who are studying English and have access to e-mail. [Moses Lake, Washington]

Joie McKiernan:
I am an ESL teacher in a high school in Phoenix, Arizona. I would like to have my students exchange letters with ESL students in other countries. However, my computer is at home and we don't have the Internet at school, so we would have to use the "snail mail". If you are interested, please let me know. My students are about 80% Mexicans, with some Bosnians, Romanians, Spaniards, and one boy from Sudan. [Phoenix, Arizona]

George Fernandez:
SCI, an ESL program for young people and adults based in Southern California [Marina Del Rey, California]

Carol Williams:
I teach ESL in Lincolnton, North Carolina. I have also taught ESL in Miami, Florida. I would like my ESL students (all but 2 are Hispanic, the 2 are Bosnian) to be able to e-mail other ESL students. They particularly would love someone Hispanic to write to, but I think they might be scheming to try and revert to Spanish mid-letter, so... we'll e-mail any other middle school age (11-15) students. [Lincolnton, North Carolina]

Patty Stith:
I teach ESL to adults from Mexico and Central America at Northwest Arkansas Community College. I would like to get pen pals for them. If anyone is interested, write us. [Rogers, Arkansas]

Mary Moriarity:
I teach Middle and High School ESL in New Holland, Pennsylvania at Garden Spot High School. We have the Internet but not in individual classrooms. I would probably have to use landmail or snail mail, unless other arrangements could be made at the library. Most of my students are Haitian, Vietnamese or Russian, but the make up of the classes varies from year to year. My computer is at home, so if your classes would be interested in corresponding with mine, please let me know. [New Holland, Pennsylvania]

Michelle McConaghy:
I am currently teaching eighth grade language arts in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I always do a letter writing unit at the beginning of the year, and would love to provide my students with the chance to "go global"! We have limited access for students to e-mail, but hope to expand soon. Anyone interested in correspondence with middle school (6-7-8) students, please contact me. [Lake Havasu City, Arizona]

Anita House:
I teach ESL reading and writing within the confines of a computer lab. We don't have internet hook-ups in the lab, but I am on-line at home. I would very much like to get some pen pal correspondence with some international students. I teach at Harmon High School in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, and have ages 14 to 18 in my classes. They range from beginners to advanced students mostly from Mexico, but all need to work on their communication skills--mainly writing. [Kansas City, Kansas]

Jason Mahlin:
I am currently a student at San Diego State University. I am interested in corresponding with international students/people. My major is Sociology and I would like to go International for my master's degree. [San Diego, California]

Cyrilla Ivey:
I teach ESL in Sealy, Texas and I teach 4th through 12th grade. I have two classrooms and about fifty students. I really enjoy my students. [Sealy, Texas]

Sybil Raiman:
I am an ESL teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have about 25 intermediate students at Orr Middle School. They are ages 11 to 14. Their verbal skills are good, but they need to practice real life writing skills. They would love to correspond with other second language students in their age group. I can be reached at Orr Middle School, 1562 East Katie Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89119, U.S.A. [Las Vegas, Nevada]

Maria Galvan Maier:
I am a high school ESL teacher at North High School in Riverside, California I am interested in finding pen pals for my students. Since I only have access to the Internet at home, we would have to communicate through "snail mail". [Riverside, California]

Irene Ellefson:
I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Advanced ESL at Olive Vista Middle School. All my students would love to email any other English speaking students. [Sylmar, California]

Don Herold:
American college students (ages 20-30) studying Spanish would like to correspond with Latin or South American students who are studying English. Please sendname, address, and age to Professor Herold, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA 01201 USA or e-mail: dherold@cc.berkshire.org. [Pittsfield, Massachusetts]

Dana Szypcio:
I am planning to become an EFL teacher in Poland. I have so many questions since I am not a teacher by trade. I would like to chat with other EFL teachers and students in the next month or so, and then I am off to Poland. [North Arlington, New Jersey]

Cristina Aguilera:
I teach literature and composition to 3rd year ESL students. Our school is Boulder High School, 1604 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80302. As 50% of my curriculum is writing, I'm interested ininvolving my students in correspondence with foreignstudents as a "real life" reason for learning correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation etc. while also having FUN! [Boulder, Colorado]

Ana Montalban:
I am teaching at Central High School in Providence, Rhode Island. I am looking to get penpals for my bilingual social studies classes. Most of my students are limited in the English language but may be able to communicate in English. The address here is : Central High School 70 Fricker Street Providence, RI 02903. You may also reach me at 401-742-3515. [Providence, Rhode Island]


Maria S. Efthimiadis:
I teach ESL at an American community college, Panama Canal College. I am very interested in exchanging letters with students abroad. If you have a group of students who would like to write to my students in Panama, we would be thrilled. [Balboa]


Miguel R. Carnota:
ESL teacher looking for snail-mail pen pals for my pupils. From school to school. Secondary level (11-15 years). [Pontedeume, Galicia]

Maria Jose Gil:
I would like to have penpals for my students in order to start working on a project as part of their examination papers for next term. These are the levels I work with:
- Teenagers aged 10-11
- Adults intermediate
- Adults pre-intermediate

Hong Kong

Rita Fung:
I am a secondary school student. I am 16 years old. If you are interested in me, e-mail me.

Ellen Li:
I am a secondary student. I would like to contact the one studying in UK.

Stephen Perras:
I'm an ESL teacher at Yot Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School in Hong Kong. My students are interested in setting up a penpal exchange with students from another country. I teach 15 year olds and 17 year olds. If any other teachers are interested, please email me ASAP.


Mariela Diaz:
I am an EFL teacher from Buenos Aires. I am looking for key pals (classes or individuals) who might be interested in corresponding with my students to share e-mail projects. Most of them are young adults and have intermediate level. Classes are small with no more than 4 students per group. [Buenos Aires]

Mariela Laura D'Amico:
I am a 2nd year student at the university. I want to be an English teacher. I am working in a high school as an English teacher and this is very good for me because this permits me to improve my English and my teaching. I have some students who are really interested in having pen friends via mail, and I would also like to have pen friends around the world via mail and/or e-mail. [Buenos Aires]


Maria Teresa Lemus:
I'm an English teacher at Colegio Mochis, Los Mochis, Sinaloa. I teach the 2nd and 3rd grades in a secondary school. My students would love to receive letters from students from other countries, specially from English-speaking countries. Please write and I'll make sure my students get your letters. [Colegio Mochis, Los Mochis, Sinaloa]

Jose G. Lopez:
I am from Mexico, but now I live in Douglas, Arizona in the United States. I am studying ESL at Cochise College. I would like to exchange opinions with you.


Julie Boisse:
I am an ESL teacher in Quebec and I am searching for Email penpals for students that ask for more content and really want to learn English. At the beginning, they will have to send their Email through me, but in September, the students in school will have access to Email so they will be able to communicate without me. Hope my students between 11 and 13 years old will have new friends! [Quebec]

Michael James:
I now have two groups of beginner-intermediate grade eight, one intermediate group grade ten, and two advanced groups of ten-eleven. We also have the capacity to exchange via e-mail, although I would like to do a mix of the two. [Quebec]

Artemis Cheng:
I am teaching Computers and English to ESL students in Toronto, Canada. If you are interested in exchanging e-mail with other students learning English (all adults), please e-mail me at artemis@myna.com. Please include a short description of yourself. My students will respond directly to you. [Toronto, Ontario]

Jennifer Crow:
I'm 17. You can either email me or send me a letter at:
Box 389, Melville, Saskatchewan, S0A 2P0, Canada [Melville, Saskatchewan]

Neil Choi:
I am an English/Korean bilingual private English tutor from Canada. I'd like to help EFL/ESL students from Korea and Japan byexchanging e-mail. If you are interested, please feel free tocontact me. [Winnipeg, Manitoba]

Yvette Gendron:
I'm an ESL (English as a second language) high school teacher. My students are 14-15 years old. I would like to establish an email school correspondence with other classes anywhere in the world, but in English. I would like it to be treated as a school activity where the correspondence or the computing projects are supervised by the teachers so that my students get feedback. [Chibougamau, Quebec]


Hung Nguyen:
I am a Vietnamese in Japan. I have been living, studying and working here for 8 years. Before coming to Japan, I lived and worked in Saigon (HCMC) as a teacher of English at Ho Chi Minh City College of Education. Though my present work has nothing to do with college teaching, I still have a lot of close friends and former students (now they have become teachers) and their students back in Vietnam who want to communicate with you. Not having fully recovered from the damage of the last war, they have tried to publish a magazine called "Easy English" as a complementary material for teaching and learning English and communicating with you, world friends.


Angela Parisi and Graziella Pirovano:
Our school, ITC MAGGIOLINI, is a secondary school for students from 15 to 19 years of age. We're looking forward to messages for our students!!! [Parabiago]


Colin Paton:
I am looking for students around the world to correspond with my students in Brazil. They are aged between 12 and 20 and are at intermediate level. [Rio de Janeiro]

Daniel L. Fonseca:
I am an English student and would like to correspond with people from other countries in English. I'm 32, married, engineer, and have an interest in hosting students in my house to improve my English. [Betim, Minas Gerais]

Rosangela Martins:
I am a teacher of English in public school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My students are teenagers (age 14 to 16) interested in exchanging letters with non-native English pen pals. They are beginners. And this can give them an opportunity to broaden their views and hopes by accomplishing something tangible through English practice, something that would open new perspectives to them. [Rio de Janeiro]


Inge Sarpong:
I am an English student at an advanced level and would like to correspond with people from the US, Australia, and Canada. Hopefully, you will share some of my interests:

Sports: jogging, fitness training (former activities: horseback riding, motorracing)
Interests: light athletics, technology
Books: Stephan King, Dean Koontz, etc. (some classicalliterature,too)
Music: Techno, House, Trance
Movies: Star Trek, action, military (Top Gun, J.A.G.)

Martin Loder:
I teach ESL at the Staatliche Realschule Geisenfeld. It's a modern secondary school (7-8-9-10). Geisenfeld is just 80 km north of Munich, Bavaria's capital. Our new school year starts on Sept. 14 and I'm looking for (American) students who would like to exchange some email with my students (grade 9). If you are interested in setting up an email exchange between our students please drop me a line. [Ingolstadt]

Charles Cingolani:
Being a retired teacher without a classroom now, I would like to offer my poems to teachers as a teaching aid. I know from experience how useful a short poem can be on the blackboard. You can leave it there during the session and in the meantime students can be viewing it and reflecting. It can elicit reactions and feelings from your class. Talking about it can help them to express themselves accurately. Perhaps you might find my poetry of service to you in this regard. I welcome you to visit my site.[Hoechenschwand]


Aspasia Stergiopoulou:
I am a teacher of English in Greece. My sister and I own a school where we teach English. We would like our students to correspond with other English speaking ones.

The school's name is 'Byron' and its address is 57018 Melissohori Thessaloniki Greece. [Thessaloniki]

Klearchos Berdekas:
We are a private ESL school (C. Berdeka School) in Athens and want to organise email exchange between our students and students in other countries.

We are interested in doing so on a pen-friend basis or in a more organised way, having our students discuss a specific issue (e.g. environment, peace, etc.) [Athens]


Hayi Shi:
I live in Ningbo, a big seaport in the east of China. I love studying English and want to make friends in the world through email. [Ningbo]


Neringa Paskovskaja:
I am a teacher of English from Lithuania. We have an English Club in our school and my students would like to correspond with other English clubs from all around the world. Alas, we have no e-mail presently. Our address is:

Miss Neringa Paskovskaja
Klevu aleja 26
4200 Lentvaris
Traku raj.
Our fax number: +370 38 28280

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Colin Lieu:
My name is Colin Lieu. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am Chinese but born in Sydney. I am 9 yrs old, grade 4 student in Ramsgate Public School in Sydney. I would like to make friends with Japanese students. I hope to hear from some of you soon. [Sydney, New South Wales]


Fathy Moustafa:
I want teachers and students who want pen pals to write to me by airmail and I can arrange for pen pals from Egypt. I teach in a prep school. My address is: 176 El Geish St., Ismailia, Egypt [Ismailia]


Gerard Vincent:
I teach English as a foreign language at Institut St-Berthuin MALONNE. My students are between 16 and 19 and have been studying English for 5 or 6 years. I'd like them to discover the way of life of any English speaking country "from the inside", i.e. discussing topics like 'school', 'health care', 'traditions' etc, with other penpals. I'm looking for a teacher who'd be ready to work with me, with his/her class.

Dirk De Greve:
I am a secondary school teacher and teach ESL to 15-year-olds. The school is in Brussels and the students are very proficient in English. They would like to mail with Japanese students who like maths and languages and want to go on to university later. [Brussels]


Fiona Billard:
I'm French and I'm 18 years old. I'm a student learning languages. I speak English, Spanish and Chinese. I really want to correspond with other teenagers all around the world. [Rouen]


Khaled Melakhessou:
I am a student at the University of Batna. I am carrying out an MA research in the field of teaching English at the same university. I hope to correspond with students or teachers of English from different counties. [Batna]


Hanson o Shadrack:
I am a boy of 16 years of age. The name of my school is West Africa Secondary School. I like student pals.

Daniel Amparbin:
I am a 22 year-old guy and a student as well. I need snail mail penpals for my club friends and my school mates. Just try and reply to us with all the contact address of your school and you will be glad you did. Dynamic Youth Club P.O.Box KT 402, Kotobabi Accra, Ghana [Accra]

Lawrence Kwapong:
I am a computer programmer student. I want some to coreespond with.

South Africa

Brenda Davey:
I have about 10 students who are eager to write to students of the same age in the United States. They will have to use snail mail. They range in age from 13 - 18. Please e-mail me with details which I will pass on to them or write to PO Box 536, Dundee, 3000, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. [Dundee, Kwa-Zulu Natal]


Sonia Dhaoui:
I am a Tunisian English language teacher. I would like to find e- mail pals for my students. They are between 15 and 17. They have done three years of English. Their level is low -intermediate.

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