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Do you have any comments or suggestions on YUKI'S EFL/ESL BULLETIN BOARD? If you have, please click here and feel free to send them by mail. I will add them to this page later. When you send, please don't forget to give me your name, mail address and the name of the city, the state/province and the country you live in.

Another site like Dave's Cafe in the Far East would be good. Contacts, agents and job op's. [Anthony R Rayner: The Bournemouth International Language College, ENGLAND]

Regarding any ways to improve your web site, I think it is great already and you've included everything a person (including me) interested in EFL/ESL would want. The only thing I would say is maybe you could think about adding a few more graphics. I know that globe GIF is great, but maybe a few more just for variety. [Junaid J. Malik: ENGLAND]

Great site, but I would be interested in any job opportunities available. [Tracy: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA]

Thank you Yuki. You are Dave Sperling in Asia. Each time I visit Dave's site I admire. You are doing a good job as well as Dave. Links are good. Good luck. [Keiko Kondo: JAPAN]

I found your web page idea to be a good one. I imagine that there must be a lot of usefulness for such a web page. It would seem to me that there are a number of topics that both students and teachers of ESL/EFL would enjoy discussing; topics such as teaching methodology, texts, exercises, and the like. I especially like the idea of having a page where students can post whatever they happen to have questions on, and native speakers and teachers can respond to. [Graham Sanborn: San Francisco, California, USA]

Thank you for yet another good page for EFL/SEL/ESOL teachers. As we need all the help we can get, I pay tribute to your dedication to our subject area! [Mary: JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS]

I am writing from Prince Edward Island in Canada. Congratulations on a great site! I love your site and I loved Japan when I visited! I would like to find ways to get students to visit Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Gables. [Linda Meggs: Eastern Canada College of Languages, CANADA]

Great web page, HIROYUKI!!!! I like your ideas. Let me know if I can help you here in Hawaii. I have some ideas to teach ESL and JSL on the Internet. [Milner: Hawaii, USA]

I've looked at your page and find it interesting. I will put it in my "bookmarks" so I can go to it again. A good idea. Hope you can keep it up when the loads of letters start flowing in!! [Gord Palm: Vansbro, SWEDEN]

I have just received info from an ESL teacher in Minnesota about pen pals from the info I left on your site!! I'm really looking forward to a good experience. Hope you are still doing this - it's a great idea!! Thanks. [Joie McKiernan: Phoenix, Arizona, USA]

I visited your home page. The links are great...thanks... [Ian Hewitt: AUSTRALIA]

I have checked out your site and have bookmarked it. It is very informative and well set out. A great site for ESL/EFL teachers. Thanks for providing a lot of information about teaching English in Japanese secondary schools. People like you and Dave Sperling have really helped a lot of ESL/EFL teachers to fight the information battle. [Raymond Wong: Sydney, AUSTRALIA]

Your site was very helpful. I got three responses to my request for penpals for my students. How about adding a booklist where teachers could recommend useful materials? Anyway, I like your web site, and look forward to watching it grow! [Rachelle Blair: Yokkaichi, Mie, JAPAN]

Hey Yuki, this is a very cool site indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope I get some responses to my messages. Keep up the good work. Your links are quite good too. [Anne Harbut: Santa Monica, California, USA]

I am very glad that I found your interesting website. Thank you very much for the service you are providing. [Milan J. Beronjic: Vancouver, CANADA]

Yuki, I have not found such a comprehensive description of the global EFL/ESL training as that which your "overview site" provides. I am currently engaged in research (I'm a graduate student) at The George Washington University (in Washington, DC) on a related topic and your website is the equivalent of a mini-interview with educators from all over the world. The great part is that the majority of respondents are native educators - so much more authentic than having "a researcher" or telling "what it's like." I would be very interested in hearing if folks have opinions on the facts (or at least it appears to be true) that English seems to be so necessary, vis-a-vis academic, economic and social success.[Lisa Pierce: The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA]

Your website is extremely useful in providing clear insights and directions about learning English in Japan. Thank you very much for your work in this area. [Jim Corbett: SOUTH KOREA]

Congratulations on a wonderful website! I think it is refreshing to see an ESL/EFL website from a non-native English speaker. I am also glad that your website focuses on quality and fairly detailed information rather than job-listings. [Yvette Kirby: AUSTRALIA]

Dear Yuki, I'm glad I found your website. It offers a lot of interesting suggestions and interesting materials for EFL. I am going to use your virtual tour in my English class. [Renate Potzmann: Vienna, AUSTRIA]

This site is great...functional, aesthetically pleasing without being flashy. It's about content over style, nice one! Any stuff that this site doesn't provide can be easily reached using the links. The open comment message board thing is great. [Bobbins: Tosa, Kochi, JAPAN]

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